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Cool Sounding Rides

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Sky Whirl that was at CGA I can still hear that loud hum it made.

Gold Striker at CGA the sound it makes going by the camera.

Tidal Wave/Greased Lightnin launch sound will never forget it.

Inside the Demon tunnel at CGA when it had "welcome to the Demon I hope you survive ha ha ha"

Space Mountain Disneyland & California Screamin on ride music

Splash Mountain Disneyland & Disney World on ride music/recorded sounds

Rock N Roller Disney World on ride music

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Well, like most people on here, i agree with the B&M roar (the first time I heard it, I was standing next to a BTR clone, & my ears were ringing for the next 5 minutes or so lol). I also think HUSS enterprises sound pretty cool. Finally,the Chance Zipper is probably one of the coolest sounding rides I've heard. If you get bast all the noises that make it sound like it's gonna fall apart, it still sounds quite ominous, with the ride almost sounding like an air-raid siren in a warzone.

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Poltergeist at Fiesta Texas used to make an awesome moaning/ooooooooo sound years ago, but doesn't seem to do it anymore (guess the cars changed?).


and I used to go to bed every night dreaming of this sound:



Greezed Lightnin

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1st: Almost any Schwarzkopf looper. First that comes to mind if Mindbender at SFOG when it hits the loops.

2nd: Kumba's roar!

3rd: The LIM launch magnet screams! (Wicked Twister, Flight of Fear, Volcano, etc.)

4th: Top Thrill Dragster sounds a bit like a jet when it flies by. For a coaster going that fast, I think that's pretty cool!

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The sound of B&M roars is definitely music to my ears (especiallly Hulk's). The launch coasters have a great sound too. I also love the sound of Dive machines. I always thought that the lift hill on SheiKra sounds like a monster laughing, and the roar they generate is pretty sweet!

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LSM launches (particularly the Volcano scream and the Sky Rocket jet launch), hydraulic launches (particularly TTD because it's FAST and you're right underneath it), the Intamin Fart on El Toro (good thing upstop wheels were invented!) and S&S Screamin' Swings are my favorite, I think.

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Another cool sound is Ricochet at SFGAm and other flats of the same type. It let's off that big sound of compressed air (or whatever it is) every time it raises and lowers the cars.


Similar to, but not as good as, a Hurricane or Downdraft like the one at Knoebels.

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