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Cool Sounding Rides

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SLC lift hills and break runs sound quite interesting. Some of the newer ones having a distinct whirring noise to the lift instead of the click clack of the anti rollbacks. The break runs also sound kind of like machine guns, which is cool.


Of course there's always The B&M roar, with older inverts seeming.to roar the most.


Other cool ride sounding ride sounds that are worth mentioning include arrow lift hills, Huss enterprises spinning up, and the weird air raid siren sound of Chance Zippers.

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After arriving back from Japan, I would have to say the sound that Dodonpa makes as it launches is pretty cool. Big hydraulic boom.


I was rather fond of the moo-cow sounds of Steel Dragon--now those were odd.

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Last night at Hershey I noticed that the huge wheel for Skyrush's lift cable on the far side of the creek makes a pretty creepy, awesome sound when you're near it on that new path (I assume it's the motor that's driving it). I also was pretty amazed how they had to string the cable back over the creek and then underground to get it back to the station, it's crazy what they had to do to squash that ride in there.

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