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Dubailand, new themepark, Aqua Dunya

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Here are some pics of the Model for Aqua Dunya, the latest announced theme park being built in Dubailand. They rekion this one will be ready by 2008.



and water rides


The model show several coasters.


Aqua Dunya, Dunya is world in Arabic, Aqua is Aqua in English


This is an overview of the Aqua Dunya Model

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Flacon City is the other theme park that was announced yesterday.

Here are some model pics.


I have no idea what Western City Is.


They also hadone of the dinasours there from the Restles Planetvb theme park.



the Volcano coaster seems to be the nost exciting


Not quite sure what this is supposed to be



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The architects I work for are designing the Restless Planet one now, think that is going to be finished in 2007. I'm not allowed to say what is going in but I am going to be producing some marketing images in December so i should be able to post them when they are published.


I have foloowed the project from the start, there are two theme parks aren't there? A water park, a sea world type park? From the earlier models I saw there was a Intamin reverse free fall themed to a serpent?


I take it it has all changed now?

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To me, Dubai is 'the' happening city (on a global scale).


From my old investment information there are several planned theme parks for Dubailand (search Dubai here, I think I've posted info on it).


I forget the alloted size for DL, but I know the anticipated employment is roughly quadruple of what Walt Disney World now has. Something like a 20 billion dollar investment.

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OMG, I love model-making! Even if the eventual park doesn't exactly turn out like that. I have pix of our early model of the World's Fair (1986) site here I should post for you all to see... Hmmm...


Pix look great of the park model, dd. Would certainly be something interesting to travel too in the not-too-distant future, if $ possible.


And it's amazing how everything has been fit into the shape it is. Is there room for much expansion or am I just a nerd with math?

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Since i first heard about dubailand, i knew this will be a place where i will spend a holiday in a few years.


Hereby some more info about the complete dubailand project, with a very nice videoclip of 24 minutes (10Mb only so quality is not that good) which gives a nice impression of what can be expected over there in a few years.


source : skyscrapercity.com



Dubai has launched one of the biggest construction projects in the world, the $5 billion Dubailand mixed-use theme park, a Middle East answer to Disneyland.


To be built on two billion square feet of land behind the Emirates Road stretching from the back of Emirates Hills down almost to The Creek, the theme park consists of 45 separate projects from a space exploration exhibition to full-size dinosaur enclosure.


Phase One with the core facilities will be completed within two years, while the progress of the rest of the project depends on the willingness of the private sector to participate in this immense project.


Announcing the project to the Dubai community Crown Prince General Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum sharply called on local businessmen not to keep their money in a bank account but to invest in Dubai.


Dubailand includes the biggest shopping mall in the world, The Mall of Arabia, several new five-star hotels including one built in sand dunes, an indoor ski-slope, a complex of sports stadiums, and an ecological dome to grow vegetation in the heart of the desert.


There will also be an equestrian centre, aviation display, modern art gallery, water amusement park, multi-cultural garden complex, the largest zoo in the Middle East, Pyramids and much more.


However, the most striking thing about Dubailand will be its immense scale. This is a huge area of land and the project will be almost as large as the present built-up area of Dubai.


Dubailand is designed to entertain and amuse the 15 million tourists a year Dubai intends to attract and will vastly add to the hospitality infrastructure of the emirate. This is to be nothing less than the leisure and entertainment hub of the Middle East, and a world-class tourism attraction similar to Disneyland in Florida.


Once again the vision of His Highness has stunned the Dubai business community. But this project has been two years in creation and there will be a spate of announcements about local and international groups' participation in Dubailand over the next few months.


For anyone who wondered what future guests staying in Dubai would do with their time, and how they would spend their money this is the answer. Dubailand is a bold vision of the modern Middle East and its own dynamic will be the key to its success.


i guess they have also started some construction


Dubailand will be twice the size of disneyland in florida and 100x the size of monaco. all the construction will take 10-15 years.

There will be 50 hotels for the project each waith aproximately 1000 rooms. The project will cost $20 billion.


Vision for Dubailand becomes clearer

Since its announcement at the tail end of last year, the construction industry has been salivating over the sheer volume of potential work in the pipeline. It is well known that the project is massive, some 200 million m2 to be precise but many of the details have yet to be finalised. Construction Week reveals what has been completed, announced and what is being planned.


Like many other mega projects in Dubai, Dubailand will be an amalgamation of developments undertaken by separate property developers. These separate projects are of a significant size. “We’re not selling plots of land for say a hotel, or building, we’re selling mega developments. On average each one is about 1 million m2, but some are larger, Dubai Sports City is 5 million m2,” says Salem bin Dasmal, chief executive officer, Dubailand.


With a number of individual components and developers the projects will be mixed use and incorporate a range of activities and attractions. This is not to say that developers will not be given guidelines. There is a clear development plan for Dubailand, with specific zones and attractions available for developers. These include themed attractions offering various forms of entertainment, sporting venues, eco related developments as the main part of the zone as well as the construction of associated facilities such as hotels and serviced apartments.


Such a large project, using an array of different developers places great pressure on the developments managers. “It is a major challenge. People have committed to develop the project to the highest standards with Dubai’s leaders. I have to look at it from a business perspective, fine they are promising to our leader, but what if they don’t keep their promises, so we structure contracts that have sufficient flexibility in addition to guidelines both from a mass-planning perspective, and from a look and feel perspective that allows that project to align itself closely what Dubailand is all about,” says bin Damsal.


As with any project risks are involved. The two main areas of risk are that the project won’t attract as many visitors as initially hoped, or that it may cost more money to develop than planned. “The way we [Dubailand] can help them achieve it is to support them from a cost perspective, so we shall try and reduce the costs as much as practicable. We do not want the development to make a loss, we want it to sustain itself; so land, leases and sales will be done at a rate we feel will be very supportive of the development,” says bin Dasmal. “In some cases theme parks across the world are given away for free. I am not saying we will do that, but what we will do is to take into consideration that these projects need support and we will support them,” he adds.


Although Dubailand was just announced last year, several parts of the developments are already well advanced. One of the first to be complete is Global Village, which is moving from Dubai Festival City to Dubailand and will be ready for Dubai Shopping Festival 2005. “For the 30 days of the shopping festival each year the cornerstone of Dubailand will be Global Village. The new location will allow the event to quadruple in size,” says bin Dasmal.


Another component that is already well advanced is the Autodrome. Developed by Union Properties, the Formula One capable racetrack was launched on 29th March this year and will stage it first race later this year in October. The spectator stadium is currently being completed. Likewise Arabian Ranches a residential component comprising of villas developed by Emaar is also well advanced.


Other components are still very much in the preliminary stages. “We have already signed a number of other contracts, so we anticipate opening some major components in the next two to three years,” says bin Dasmal. These include: An Aqua Park, backed by a Saudi investor Ali Shedri; Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Resort backed by international developers, the 32 Group; Dubailand’s first theme park, Arabian Legends, financed by GFH. Completion for these projects is slated for any time between end-2006 and mid-2007.


Also in the preliminary phase is Dubai Sports City, comprising of Olympic-standard stadiums, tracks and swimming pools. Altogether there will be four major stadiums seating about 35000 spectators capable of hosting hockey, rugby, football and cricket. A multipurpose indoor stadium is also planned. “Sports City will host its first event at the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006,” says bin Dasmal. For the long-term, “we are earmarking 2020 as when we could potentially host the Olympics,” bin Dasmal adds.


A separate sporting facility is the Plantation, Polo and Equestrian Centre. This is another massive project with four full size polo fields, several paddocks for show jumping and dressage as well as a man made cross-country horse competition complete with ditches, hills and other obstacles.


According to bin Dasmal these projects have been signed and there is no turning back. “In the contracts developers have agreed penalties for non-delivery. We obviously don’t want it to reach that stage, but these things can happen, so we have created conditions in the contract to allow us to apply penalties should a developer fail to meet the delivery time line. In the worst case scenario, if they are unable to deliver despite penalties then we would intervene, as we need the project to succeed at the end of the day, so we will either introduce new investors to the project or we will take over the management,” says bin Dasmal. “We want this to be a private sector development so we will only intervene in extreme cases where intervention is needed to get a project back on track and meet its delivery time.


A number of components are still very much in the planning stages and have yet to be announced. The projects include: A bazaar; another theme park based on the civilisations of the world and the future; niche retail developments including the region’s first factory outlet; extreme sports facilities and Dubai’s new zoo.


A development as large as Dubailand requires a great deal of infrastructure in order to make it a success. “We are comfortable that DEWA will be able to meet our needs and we are working closely with them to incorporate our requirements into their forward planning for the needs of Dubai Emirate as a whole. This does not just include potable water. Much of our requirements can be serviced through recycled water that could be produced using Dubailand’s sewerage plants,” says bin Dasmal.


Transportation is another major factor. With so many visitors expected, Emirates Road and other nearby arteries will be placed under tremendous strain. At present, Emirates Road is only three lanes on either side but plans have been made to expand it to five lanes on either side. New interchanges will also be built to allow traffic to flow freely into the development will also be built along with an internal ring road connecting up the various zones. “In the master plan of the development we have completely master planned the transportation system, which means allocation for monorail, tram, bus routes taxi routes, stops etc, it is all fully integrated,” says bin Dasmal. The project will also link into the planned monorail system as Phase One will run along Emirates Road, and Phase Two runs along the Creek up to Dubailand.


Announced projects

- Plantation equestrian and Polo Club

- Dubailand Downtown

- Aqua Dubai

- Arabian Legends

- Dubai Sunny Mountain and Ski Dome

- Dubai Global Village

- Arabian Ranches

- Dubai Autodrome

- Emarat Sports Centre

- Dubai Sports City

- Dubai Heritage Vision


Committed Projects

- Virtual Games World

- Woman’s World

- Flea Market

- Space Hotel

- Future World

- Aviation Hotel

- Gardens of the World

- Factory Outlets


I&M Galadari Group to develop Dubailand's Dh4b Downtown


By A Staff Reporter


Dubai: The Downtown component of Dubailand will be developed at a cost of Dh4 billion, the promoters said.


The funds have been committed by Dubai-based I&M Galadari Group, which entered an agreement with the Dubai Tourism Development Company (DTDC), which is overseeing the development, management and regulation of the Dh20 billion Dubailand project.


Ilyas Galadari and Mustafa Galadari signed the agreement on behalf of I&M Galadari Group with Mohammed Al Gergawi, chairman of the Board of Dubai Development and Investment Authority.


In all, 20 million square feet of prime land within Dubailand has been reserved for the Downtown, with projections of a footfall of 200,000 a day when the development becomes fully operational.


The Downtown will be completed over a period of ten years and will serve as the centre point of Dubailand.


"The Downtown will be the entry point and the key to Dubailand, which encompasses an area of two billion square feet and will be the largest state-of-the-art and most creative lifestyle development seen in this region if not the world," Al Gergawi said.


"The iconic status of the Downtown area and the fact that it's the centre point that brings together all sections of Dubailand, necessitated the need to be extremely wise in the choice of developer.


"The Downtown will be the entry point of Dubailand and one of the main greeting points for the Dubailand visitor, thus the need to have an icon that provides not only a lasting impression but also something that can generate a feeling of anticipation and excitement of things to come. I believe we have found the right partner in the I&M Galadari Group."


Salem bin Dasmal, chief executive of DTDC, said: "The Downtown will comprise innovative design treatments allowing for features that blend with the openness most Downtown areas lack. This is achieved by the harmony that disperses high-density commercial spaces with water and landscaped features that allow for an urban feel."


Ilyas Galadari of IMG Management Investment and Development Co. said: "We aim to be part of the future vision of Dubai, and the Downtown with the largest mall in the world, 'The Mall Of Arabia', is designed to be part of creating that future today".[/b]


Projects that are part of Dubailand:

Dubai Autodrome: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=97479

Dubai Sports City: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showt...315#post1871315

Dubai Zoo: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=97702


A 10 MB real player 24 minute clip http://www.dubailand.ae/video/dtdc256.rmvb

A 10 MB Quicktime 1 minute clip http://www.ayuplanet.com/projects/D.../DubaiLand.mpeg

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Dubai's near the mediterranean, not India When I'm graduated from college, looks like this thing will be done. I have a feeling that it will be as successful as they hope it will. It could be the next quitessential destination like Paris. I'd sure go. It's like the amusement park I dreamed of going to, but didn't think anybody would make enough money to build it If that sounds right. Now that I see it, it seems like those OCT parks they've built in China. They'll just keep on expanding.

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^ I'm surprised Dave didn't catch this! Dubai is neither in India NOR near the Meditteranean. It's actually in the Persian Gulf region, near the entrance to the gulf (the Straits of Hormuz). Unlike Dave, I'm not cool enough to live there, but having been there six times, I'm definitely saving my money for THAT trip! MUST.RIDE.COASTERS.IN.DUBAI!!!

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^^ Darn, if it's not near the Mediterranean, then I don't know if I want to go to this park Nah, all I've heard about Dubai up till now is that there are Europeans who buy vacation homes there. Go figures I don't know where Dubai UAE is (near north Saudi Arabia) that they haven't done their job yet.

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