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Dubailand, new themepark, Aqua Dunya

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^O.K. maliboomer, lets not be misleading by saying it's in Australia, when clearly it's located in Jamaica!


I mean the posters name is "dubaidave", that's a colorful metaphor itself. Plus dubaidave is famous for his visit to "Fantazy Land", (which sounds similar to Alice In Wonderland), where I believe he had a very strange trip......

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Wow that older model looks straight out of RCT!

Looks like it'll be a very cool park and I wouldn't mind seeing Dubai so maybe when I'm out of college and this is built then I can go.


Anyone else think its somewhat strange that the boat/hotel has a lot of sails but paddles on the side a la a steamboat?

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I've seen the other pics of the entire project and it's much much bigger than the pics here.


I know if it's buit the way the drawing show and is done by 2018 it will be incredible.


However, looking at these pics, some of it seems a bit tacky or like it actually was put together in RCT.

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