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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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I would love to take part!


For whoever gets my name....

I LOVE gift cards:

-Best Buy







I thought gift cards kind of went against the whole spirit of this? Exchanging a $20 gift card to Target for a $20 gift card to the Olive Garden is boring....and pointless. Creative gifts are far better.


I like Ferraris, monorails, and Japanese architecture. So if anyone finds a traditional Japanese house with a monorail station at the front door, and a Ferrari in the garage for under $30, I'll be impressed....and thankful.

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^That photo would easily have a value of 30 dollars.. Thoughts for people that are participating for the first time this year-----


Giftcards are something you give your crazy aunt (you know, the cat lady)... The "spirit" of this is to get to know each other and spend time thinking up a great gift that fits the person you are giving it to...

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^I remember seeing some of your footage while we waited in the rain,


BTW here are my interests






ETA: I'm a big Doctor Who fan as well and Torchwood.

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Ok, I was a lurker last year, time to totally get involved this year!


My interests are Disney Parks (ex-cast member), All music, Movie buff, park map collector, coin collector, fireworks, comedy.


Pretty much anything at all!


Looking forward to some ChrisHanKwansivus fun!

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