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  1. Went today 2/15/2019 (will be yesterday by the time I post this). Light drizzle most of the day with only a few moments without any rain. The member’s Valentine event was rescheduled to today since they did not open due to rain on 2/14. Members could get in an hour before the general public for character meet and greets, exclusive ride time on FT, Rev, and the carousel. We planned to go early, but the day before we decided it wouldn’t be worth it given that it would not be busy at all so we slept in and got there right before noon. Lots of characters out early in the day. We got Valentine's Da
  2. Not ready to buy this yet, but I won’t rule it out either. Disney might be looking for something a little more thrilling than the Slinky Dog coaster to counter whatever Universal is planning for the Dragons Challenge replacement.
  3. Kind of surprised they would make Toy Story so similar to the HK version even if they rethemed racers. I would have thought they'd go with what was announced for Orlando.
  4. Thanks for sharing. For a second I thought the Snoopy topiary was Predator.
  5. Hey, this is based on my experiences from last year so some things might be out of date, but I was looking around for information about Flash Pass at SFMM and found a lot of discussion about it, but almost nothing about Fast Lane at Knott's so I'm going to share my experience. I had a friend visiting from Florida so I wanted to make sure she got to experience everything (well almost everything, she is hesitant about some of the bigger coasters). Did Fast Lane for both of us. Here is a summary of our experiences. Redeeming the wristbands - I purchased the wristbands online and went to
  6. Chef Mickey has Disney dim sum? Might do that instead of the dim sum set at Crystal Lotus. Thanks for the pictures. I'll be there in a month.
  7. They also got a group that performed at DCA as the Miner 49ers (known as simply The Miners at Knott's). And I would agree that in terms of additions KBF is getting about the same as the other CFP properties, but the money that was spent/is being spent on Timber Mountain and Calico Mine Train probably wouldn't have happened under the old thrills-first mentality. KBF is a good place for them to try for more of a theme park than an amusement park given what they already have to work with there. I don't know if they will do this at any of their other parks though although the dark ride being built
  8. I wasn't implying that Knott's guests are somehow more sophisticated. There are just a greater number of a certain type of guest here that really doesn't care about rides in general; the type of people that have annual passes to Disneyland and pretty much just go to ride the train and swing dance. Knott's has been doing a good job of attracting them with a combination of cheap passes, vasy improved food, and improvements to some classic Knott's offerings (log ride, mine train, atmosphere entertainment, return/refurbishment of scenery items). Knott's has also been the new home to at least 2 mus
  9. I think what we are seeing is a management team that understands the region. The guy running the company being a former Disneyland president and the guy running the park having gotten his start in Knott's janitorial department. They know that the Knott's demographic expects a higher level of theming and polish than the people who go to their other parks; their demographic being locals that grew up with Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Magic Mountain (pre Six Flags), and Knott's when it was still family owned plus tourists including a big percentage of Asian tourists used to well-themed parks (who
  10. I'm glad the new additions appear to be family friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone as opposed to being kids only rides. It does kind of seem like a lot of construction is going on at Camp Snoopy though for 3 rides with fairly small footprints that are clustered near each other. Perhaps existing attractions will be relocated? I'm not sure if they're using some creative license or not with the concept art, but it would seem like a few moves would have to be made to get the setup in the picture.
  11. Nope, but I did just get a new attraction survey from them. Not sure I can comment on the questions they were asking, but in my comments I suggested they add an RMC coaster. With the amazing work it looks like RMC is doing, would love to see something from them at SFoG. I took the survey too. I wonder how they got my email as I've only been to one Six Flags park (Magic Mountain) and I've never owned a pass.
  12. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I can't see any of the pictures anymore. Is anyone else having this problem?
  13. Maybe they could turn Doc Brown's Fancy Chicken (which didn't make that much sense even when BttF was around) into a Krusty Fried Chicken; maybe add some of those Simpsons themed midway games that Orlando has.
  14. I spent many hours getting caught up and can't wait to read the next parts. I'm especially looking forward to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as those are places I have been to myself (hoping to add Japan to that list next year and now you've got me curious about Korea). I definitely agree with you about China. I had a good time there and I would love to see more of the country since it seems like it has a lot to offer, but I got tired of dealing with the constant rudeness and having to haggle for everything. I get it is how they do it there and it is a population not that many generations rem
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