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IAAPA 2012 - Ask Ride Companies a Question!

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Intamin: In 2012 we saw a very impressive retrofitted drop ride placed on the tower of Superman: Escape from Krypton. Was it more challenging using a pre-existing structure than say building a completely new tower exclusively for the ride?

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Intamin: Volcano at Kings Dominion is a great ride. There are very few full-circuit Intamin inverted coasters in the world; is this a design you still manufacture, and, if so, has it been updated?

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Intamin Q2: While enthusiasts tend to love your most recent coasters, often ranking them among the best in the world, do you think that they may be pushing the envelope a little too much for the average park visitor (or is this a uniquely American problem)?

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Intamin Q3: Will the future likely hold more completely new elements on coasters (new track elements, new launch systems, alternate track types/positioning, etc.) or variations on existing elements (more comfortable/less restrictive restraints, new seating arrangements on trains, etc.)?

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