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IAAPA 2012 - Ask Ride Companies a Question!

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Hey everyone!


IAAPA starts up next week and this year we're gonna change things up a bit! Normally, we do interviews with all the major ride companies, and to be honest, most of the interviews from year to year are very similar, because they can't really talk about that much coming up, and we already know about what they've already built.


So this year we're gonna give the opportunity for YOU to ask a question! Here's how it's gonna work....


RULES! (Because we need them!)

1. We'll post to this thread a ride company that we are currently gathering questions for.

2. Ask away! As as much as you want, but EACH QUESTION MUST BE IN A SEPARATE POST!

3. Once we've closed the current question period for one ride manufacturer no more questions may be asked of that ride company.

4. We will pick FIVE questions to ask each of the ride companies from the questions submitted to the forum.

5. Those questions will be asked as part of the interview videos we do on the IAAPA show floor.

6. Anyone who deviates from these rules will be disqualified and their questions will be thrown out.


Everyone got it? GOOD! Now....




Great Coasters Questions start HERE!

Rocky Mountain Construction Questions start HERE!

B&M Questions start HERE!

Intamin Questions start HERE!

S&S Questions start HERE!

Proslide Questions start HERE!

Gravity Group Questions start HERE!

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Top Posters In This Topic

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With the success of some of the newer "hybrid" wood coasters (ie: Intamin Plug-and-Play, or RMC's Topper track and Iron Horse) have you ever considered trying any type of new construction methods?

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What made Wooden Rides Now Have The Ability To Peform Inversion Smoothly Because they tried putting a loop On The Son Of Beast and they're were muliple cases of Neck injuries. So my question is "By Putting Inversions On A Wooden Roller Coaster Would It Be Smooth like if we Were On A Steel Roller Coaster?"

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What are some of the main challenges that come with designing and constructing a wood coaster versus a steel coaster?

This might be a better question for a company like Intamin who has done both. Keep that in mind when we ask for Intamin questions!

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You obviously have some great racing and/or dueling coasters under your belt (Lightning Racer, Gwazi, Joris en de Draak). Have you ever considered the possibility of a triple racer?

Obviously this would require a heck of a lot of track, but has this ever gone 'round the campfire?

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What steps are involved in creating/designing one of your coasters?

Do the parks come to you and ask for a certain design? How long does it take to design all the blue-prints, and how many people are involved in said task?

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I will say that some of these "general" questions should be posted again when we ask for questions for other ride companies. There is no rule that says you can't ask the same question twice in the forum, and keep in mind, if I ask one company a "general" question, like the one above this post, I probably won't ask it to another company. So please be sure to re-post some of these!


They are all very good! Keep them coming!

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