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IAAPA 2012 - Ask Ride Companies a Question!

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I know I am a little late for S&S but Ive been at school all day so I have really wanted to ask this question for a while..


S&S:Do you have any plans to modernize the suspended coaster that Arrow invented? Would it have any chance of having an inversion?


And Proslide: Is there even a remote chance of a waterside that goes completely upside down? Like I know I saw a corkscrew in a ball tower once with no upstops and it made it without falling out.

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Proslide: most waterparks seem to have a very similar collection of attractions - wave pool, water playground, body slides, raft slide, tornado and a funnel. Is there a need for greater innovation in waterpark rides?

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^ Can you explain that a bit more?


It can be read about here: Polin


Basiclly it makes waterslides look just as nice an shiny on the outside as on the inside, plus a lot of other advantages.


Nice and shiny:


Would be really cool to hear what Proslide thinks of this new technology.

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Hey everyone!


IAAPA starts up next week and this year we're gonna change things up a bit! Normally, we do interviews with all the major ride companies, and to be honest, most of the interviews from year to year are very similar, because they can't really talk about that much coming up, and we already know about what they've already built.


So this year we're gonna give the opportunity for YOU to ask a question! Here's how it's gonna work....


RULES! (Because we need them!)

1. We'll post to this thread a ride company that we are currently gathering questions for.

2. Ask away! As as much as you want, but EACH QUESTION MUST BE IN A SEPARATE POST!

3. Once we've closed the current question period for one ride manufacturer no more questions may be asked of that ride company.

4. We will pick FIVE questions to ask each of the ride companies from the questions submitted to the forum.

5. Those questions will be asked as part of the interview videos we do on the IAAPA show floor.

6. Anyone who deviates from these rules will be disqualified and their questions will be thrown out.


Everyone got it? GOOD! Now....


What question do you want us to ask THE GRAVITY GROUP at IAAPA 2012?



(Be sure you've read the rules before you post!)

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You guys have to remember, when you ask questions like "Will there by a ride by you on the west coast" or "Why aren't there ride by you in the US?" those questions can't be answered by the ride companies because they are determined by what the parks want.


It's not up to Gravity Group to just go build a ride in California.


Just trying to help you guys out with what questions to ask...

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Gravity Group- What was your inspiration for the Dauling Dragons "High Five" Element, and do you think a ride like that could ever be built in America?


I can answer the second part of your question...Absolutely Not!


Sorry, I'll break it out into separate posts, but Gravity Group- do you think a ride with the High Five element could ever be built in America? (don't listen to Elissa! we want one!)

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GG: are you going to build any more coasters in the usa soon.


GG: why do you use steel in your supports?


GG: how come you havent made any coasters in big chain amusment parks?


GG: Can you build a coaster at KI its really close to your HQ.


Srry for all these questions.

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