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The RCT3 Preview Thread

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The Hershey Company has decided to go down south as an expansion of their growing company. A new park themed to a tropical paradise, on the southern tip of Florida, and the area even has some resemblance to the original Hershey Park landscape. Hershey's Key West Park has been announced. The park will feature a small steel family coaster, and a small area themed to a chocolate factory, it will expand as the park expands. The company has released an initial grand opening date, but nothing is official. All we know is that the park will open in 1970.



Special thanks to gamer2456 for this logo.

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^that looks amazing


New Years Eve is coming up, so i'm into fireworks again (like every year). I wanted to learn more about the Advanced Firework Editor in RCT3. So I followed a tutorial and played around a bit. I ended up with the decision to make my own firework and make a show in my park. If I can make the firework good enough, I will put the pack up for download.


Right know I have one type of firework in 12 colours. looking like this:



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Here's a teaser photo for a brand new story park that I am currently working on. It kind of ties into a movie that I recently seen. I still have quite a bit more to build, but so it's coming together nicely.


EDIT: Turns out the game crashes everytime I try to load the park now. The Project is still on, but I'm going to need to restart everything from scratch.


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