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The RCT3 Preview Thread

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^yeah, I don't know how to import them, but it is becoming really easy. I don't reccomend NL CT's, they can cause some serious lag, and terrible transitions, and your stuck with any support flaws. I really don't want to use them, and plan on only keeping one. I suggest stay away from them. The only good thing with them is the realistic add to a park or photo.

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[John]Good evening and top story Canada's Dreamland is going up for sale

[Dina]Thats right Canada's Dreamland is going up for sale due to Poor Economy

[John]If the park is not bought by October 31, 1976 then then the park will never reopened and Canada's Dreamland will remain closed the entire season until the buyer who boughts the park

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Man, some of the s*** that comes out of my head.


1. A Smiler-esque knot came out of listening to dance music today.



2. A work-in-progress shot of #3 of the "experimental" category.



3. Another work-in-progress shot of another experimental design. This one is completely unlike anything that is out there. But, it's gonna be kept hidden for at least 6 months!



Expect to see the DARE video out sometime this week, I promise. No more swim season, senioritis, and a ton of creative energy are seriously fueling a revival and rebirth of griffonj2022.

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