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The RCT3 Preview Thread

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Just a small seaside park I've been working on. I haven't used much CS on this park, I'll get to all that later. For now I'm just experimenting with a lot of new elements for a possible future park.

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Once upon a time I had a park known as Knott's Great Plains, I believe it was only posted on Coaster-Net.


The park started life as Paramount's Great Plains, and I had taken it over after the original creator stopped working on it.


Well now, ive started to go through and completely redo the park, so here are a few shots of it.



Driftwood took the spot of both the log flume, and Tidal Wave, the giant shoot the chutes.



The entrance plaza.






In this area there was previously a poorly designed B&M dive machine, some plain buildings, and a couple flats. I added 2 new building, removed the DM, moved the park's Ferris wheel, redid the queue for the other woodie, and slightly rearranged the flats. (Also all the pathwork and landscaping is new)


The new bathroom and landscaping.



Here is the main new building.



The new bathroom and landscaping.



A general picture of the area.

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