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  1. http://s21.postimg.org/503i74g2f/FB_IMG_1474669259668.jpg pictures are now coming in if the truck onsite. not my photo
  2. What are you talking about with lightning rod? Rode it yesterday lol
  3. The quad down is incredible. I was super impressed my favorite out of the 3 woodies by them.
  4. Well I drove overnight from allentown pa to dollywood. Was rewarded front row on lightning rod. This thing delivers it's an airtime machine even on elements I thought wouldn't have much. Just wow!!!
  5. Just got back home. Stayed in the park from 9 am to 4. Mean streak area is closed off at the railroad didn't see anything going on there. The park wasn't to busy. It was busier on Friday then today. Ride Valravn 15 times got 6 or 7 front seat rides. I was very impressed with dispatch times. One time they got it to a 92 second dispatch time. Now the timer on the tv screen starts as soon as the train stops before the gates are even open to let guest in. So that was impressive.
  6. Well my buddy that does the dreams to screams videos just rode lightning rod today!!!
  7. I was able to refine his hack it's easier just place a drop lengthen the pieces all the way and edit the second piece from the bottom [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. Yes last year i used a dorney cup at Mi Adventures, Cedar point, kings island, and kings dominion.
  9. hahaha i go to the stars and stripes just for the concerts the rides always looked bad atleast it got moved to freedom hill now!!!
  10. Tps replied to me asking that question/ The answer is no. But like the above comment says someone can make it
  11. right off the bat here is a trailer HIGH FIVE scenery is still not done any suggestions are welcome.
  12. well thats um use big timber set to support hybrids and woodies....
  13. Hi guys I have been making hybrid coasters for a few years now and keep pushing the boundaries with them in rct3 here is lochness monster video
  14. Tatsu was delayed due to weather conditions delaying construction.
  15. From ki facebook I'm a little dissappointed was at the park Aug 25 the first time in 3 years and found out you've closed the SOB.I think you should try to fix whatever is wrong with it.It was my fav ride there.Bad enough the loop was taken out but I coulda dealt with that.
  16. I think a shooting dark ride would do well at cedar point fun for the whole family.
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