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The RCT/RCT2 Preview Thread

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I just made a few buildings here but this is for a full sized park. The idea here is we see "California" in California Adventure, but that's not the real California... it's a little too "nice" and a little too positive" so let the ghost(me) show you the realities of California while building my dream version of DCA!


Here we have part of planet Venice! Venice Island based on Venice Beach... one of my favorite places on earth. To the left we have the relatively small ""Energies" a shop that sells things such as dream catchers, natural healing and tie dye. To the right we have The Happy Shop... it sells bongs. Then lastly we have the awesome 420 ganja paradise :) aka the first ever dispensary built inside a theme park, because what Venice Beach area would be complete without reeking of weed? Also if this were real that is where you would find the ghost!

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Had a Hard drive failure on my laptop recently and have just had it back. Unfortunately though I can't for the life of me find my Wild CD for RCT3 and not feeling like making any parks without both expansions, I've instead loaded up RCT2 and given making a small park on their a whirl. Going to have to say that unfortunately I'm rather enjoying it so the hunt for the Wild might be on hold for a while.


So anyway here's a incomplete shot of the park in progress.


Hope you all enjoy (and please excuse the unfinishedness)





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Fat-G: It looks nice but a bit bland in areas at the moment. I'm assuming however that you haven't actually finished it yet so will reserve proper judgement till you do.





paradisecoaster: Thanks I'm glad you like it as I'm having real fun with this project.


Just another WIP screen for you all. Basically I know it may be hard to visualize it complete but was just wondering at this stage if its giving off a nice atmosphere and feel to it.


The theme is meant to be Piratical and yes it is from the same park as the screen above in case you were wondering but in a different themed area so don't worry about the themes clashing.



Hope you all like it despite the unfinishedness.





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From what I can see in the two pictures is that the building looks really cool and well done. Although I don't like how you have big letters in front of the ride, and yes I know that it is suppose to be the name. If you just delete them and just get a in-game ride sign and put it somewhere, then that would make it look way better and more realistic. Oh and if you do delete the big letters, you should make a twin fountain on the left.

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I finishing EuroWorld and this space is left and I have no clue what to put in here!




Have a closer look




This area is Russian themed, so I thought about a launch coaster that goes on top of the restaurant's ceiling and then does it cycle on this space.


like this.






Does it look good? Help me!

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^ I'm not crazy about it, it just looks a bit out of place being so high off the ground. I think it would look much better if it shot out of the building itself about where the launch supports are, but extending the building over the current station so the coaster isn't the highest point would look good as well.

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