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  1. Definitely you are not awesome, at all. Not following the rules here is just one thing, we all make mistakes during our postings and also exceed the number of posts by day, like 2 or 3 times... not 7 times like you did today. But being rude and unhelpful while others are trying to help you? that's wrong. I recommend you start your postings again, maybe this park is a copy of someone else's, or its just coincidence. but I personally don't like mean people who come here and think we are here to tell you how awesome your park is when its not. Please consider this as a recommendation, to help you improve your RCT3 skills.
  2. Hello Everyone, Thank you all who showed interest on High Tower Park, it was going to be for me, the best park I had ever built, also with EuroWorld Atlanta, which was going to be revealed January 20th. I'm sad to Announce that my laptop (the one I used for RCT2) fell down my backpack and smashed into the ground. Breaking everything from the Screen to the RCT2 disc. As crazy as this sound, I will now have to buy a new computer for college and also look where I can find someone or somewhere that sells RCT2 discs. As this explanation describes, I don't have any form or way to continue my parks. Not even where to begin from. Hope I can be back soon and reveal my newest Projects. -James Michaels Woods.
  3. Wow, what a year! First of all, Happy New Year! hope you had an amazing 2012 like we did and let the 2013 be more awesome! So, we decided to put up the Download link before the last post for you guys to enjoy the Park and experience it for yourselves. So, lets get to the FINAL UPDATE of EuroWorld shall we? As EuroWorld officials decided to demolish Atlantis Research Center and the Project of Mission: ORUS was ready to begin construction, TPL INC. contacted Universal Studios Creative Team to develop a new area, an exciting area that will be the finishing touch to EuroWorld Orlando. That's where the idea started. Russia Pavilion. SCR1.BMP The size of this land is not the biggest, is quite small, but there are only 3 rides on this Pavilion. When the guests enter Russia through CityNights (EuroWorld Boulevard) they would go through or besides this arch. Themed as the kremlin, with the russian flag colors on top. SCR4.BMP After entering the Pavilion, guests will find to big building, one of theme is a car semi-dark ride called the Perestroika and the other one is the food court called Vidnoye Lounge. SCR5.BMP Here's the front of the Perestroika Dark Ride. The story is about the Russian Revolution, but then the ride gets hijacked by some gangsters from the famous Russian Mafia ORUS and you have to scape from them. SCR6.BMP The out door part of the ride. SCR7.BMP So, here is where the big thing comes... After exiting the Perestroika ride and walking a little bit you enter the ISA Head Quarters. This is where the Universal Creative Team took the longest to achieve, because of some miscalculations and wrong doing, some things had to be redone completely, but here is the final look. SCR8.BMP MISSION: ORUS SCR9.BMP Everything about this ride is so incredible, The Queue, the pre show, the ride itself, the music EVERYTHING!. Universal Creative Team sat down with TPL INC Developers and created a new ride system, that was both suspended but with a track system. sort of a Forbidden Journey meets Spiderman Ride type vehicles. The ride itself is based on an mission to track down the biggest Mafia/Terrorists of the World. The ORUS group. SCR10.BMP As guests enter the queue, you will be trained to become a ISA agent, and you will also learn from the legendary Agent Skovac. The first one to discover ORUS movement here on the USA. Agent Skovac appears 4 times during the whole experience, 1) Queue: He appears on the monitors, right after guests finished training and are about to board their vehicles. 2) Ride start: He appears as an Animatronic Figure, standing on his office. 3) Ride finish: He appears on the monitors on the Front panel of the vehicle repair center. 4) Post ride area: he appears as a Hologram on the Build-Your-Own Spy Gadget room. the ride is full of Effects, twists and amazing score by himself, the original composer of Harry Potter's Theme. Mr. John Williams. SCR11.BMP I will not spoil the scenes of the ride, so you'll just have to come and ride it! its amazing! Right next to Mission ORUS is the Newest Roller Coaster of EuroWorld. SCR12.BMP Kremlin: Fear of the Ruins. SCR13.BMP this Suspended rollercoaster is themed after the ruins of the Kremlin that was burned on Russia years ago. SCR14.BMP This all family adventure was the last and final ride to be constructed here on EuroWorld. Actually, where this ride stands was where the all time favorite Atlantis Research Center water ride once stood still. Be sure to discover hidden props of Atlantis Research Center. SCR15.BMP As guests exited the pavilion to enter Atlantis, they will pass the EuroWorld Museum, that will capture and remember those rides that are now gone, and will show the new projects TPL INC is creating, such as EuroWorld Atlanta. SCR16.BMP The EuroWorld Museum is inside the former Queue building for Atlantis Research Center. SCR17.BMP From Russia, With Love. SCR18.BMP ------------------------------------------------------------------ I want to Thank everyone that helped me create my first park. I really hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out TPL INC Newest Park HIGH TOWER PARK THANK YOU ALL!
  4. Happy Holidays! Here is the Download Link. EuroWorld Park. in Game Exchange
  5. ITS FINISHED! DONE! Thanks to everyone who supported this park and commented to make it better, Thanks a lot! Here is the Map of the Complete Park. Compare the picture above to the original picture of the land when TPL INC bought the space. Amazing right? Here is the Pavilion division. Russia Update coming tomorrow!
  6. Thank You! Atlantis Scenery is amazing, I really like the way it turned out. I remodeled Funtown Village, I made it look more like a village indeed and less blocky, you will see the difference when I post the first screens of the park! Thank You! --------------------------------------------------------------------- EuroWorld is Finally done, I will post the Final Update maybe today or tomorrow and next week the Download link. Thanks to everyone who supported the park! It was a really good experience building a park and show it in here. This two screens are of the new land, which is set to have its grand opening next week. I present you the entrance of SpacePort Alpha: The HeadQuarters. SCR93.BMP SCR94.BMP No this is no Tomorrowland, this is a whole new description of a land. Just wait for it... Coming Soon.
  7. I finishing EuroWorld and this space is left and I have no clue what to put in here! SCR85.BMP Have a closer look SCR92.BMP This area is Russian themed, so I thought about a launch coaster that goes on top of the restaurant's ceiling and then does it cycle on this space. like this. SCR80.BMP SCR82.BMP Does it look good? Help me!
  8. I think you remember but Maybe its quite hard because it was gone for a long time... Garden? No. Coaster? No. Returns? YES Thanks to everyone that follows this project! it has been an awesome time creating EuroWorld, and know that its coming to its completion I wanted to thank you all for that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It has been FOREVER since I last saw you! where have you been? EuroWorld must be very different for you! Lets get to the Update shall we? Lets Start by going from the what we left the Italia Pavilion. The Rome Construction. SCR32.BMP This pictures were taken just when Rome opened, that was a while ago! SCR40.BMP Rome's Entrance is as the Venezia Entrance, a Long bridge with a water canal. SCR39.BMP As you may know, Rome's first ride is Roman Racers, a side-friction wooden frame ride which will thrill young and old guests! SCR33.BMP Next to Roman Racers is The Circus and the Atrium (Restaurant and Food Court). SCR34.BMP The Big Ride inside Rome is Conquers. A Fast twisting, big dropping, awesome wooden roller coaster. which is the second one inside EuroWorld. SCR35.BMP Conquers Entrance is really a magnificent construction. Its a white arch wall with red tops and roman columns. SCR36.BMP. Look at this beauty! SCR37.BMP Next to this coaster, you see a big forest. Well, after 3 months of opening, construction started on that space for another family coaster which is theme to Olympia, the place of the gods. This is how it turned out. SCR64.BMP SCR65.BMP SCR67.BMP SCR68.BMP at First Fans where totally against the construction, because it looks out of place, messy and unfinished. But when the ride opened, the saw the beautiful indoor scenes, the fast and smooth ride and totally loved it. So here is the 2nd big ride of Rome. The Search of Olimpia. Now we have the last Rome ride, this one is for the little ones. Who did not wanted to ride a Pegasus while seeing movies like Hercules? well, now in EuroWorld you can! Ride Pegassus SCR69.BMP SCR70.BMP SCR71.BMP Now, lets exit the Italia Pavilion and head back were we got in, the EuroWorld Boulevard. Where the Original CityNights stood is a New entrance for the Little Town: Belle's Village! SCR45.BMP Its themed very carefully to transition from The boulevard to the Village SCR47.BMP SCR48.BMP Now, lets talk about my favorite thing EVER inside EuroWorld... You know that the first "Edition" if we can call it like that of CityNights was a disaster, well this time, they did it really really good. I Present you City Nights 2.0 SCR41.BMP Right after exiting Italia, its the CityNights Plaza! were two stages, lights food and rides make EuroWorld a place of fashion, color and excitement! SCR42.BMP SCR72.BMP Next to each stage is a small food court, with glass walls and cool modern designs! SCR73.BMP. CityNights is Next to the Germany pavilion, were over a bridge you step into This festival SCR74.BMP We have 2 food courts, 2 stages, 2 rides and lots of activities for you to have fun! on Weekends we have live Bands, on Thursdays we have comedians and on Wednesdays we run local fashion shows. SCR75.BMP You may see some Russian theme over there don't you? That will be addressed in our next update! back.bmp Previously posted. No one Guessed it. its... LUMBERJACK IS BACK! The German Train Ride its back with new scenery, new trains and new path! SCR76.BMP SCR77.BMP LumberJack is the Final ride added to the Germany Pavilion! Its good to have it back! SCR78.BMP That awesome rock cave scene is back! Thanks for showing interest in our project! EuroWorld is really getting close to be finished! stay tuned for our last update and the Download link! Comments, thought always appreciated!
  10. I think you already saw the High Tower Park update . Atlantis Research Center's future is unclear right now but I think its not a good one. back.bmp
  11. Thank you! on this park will be having some similar construction and style as EuroWorld but with CS Maybe some EuroWorld Rides coming here? don't know yet... Just to prepare you for this park! here are 3 of the 8 lands that create High Tower Park. ATLANTIS (Yes, we have one here too.) SCR8.BMP FUNTOWN VILLAGE (Kids Area) SCR10.BMP MYSTERY ISLAND (thrill/scary area) SCR9.BMP When I finish EuroWorld, High Tower will be my main priority! Hope you guys like it and leave me a comment below with your thoughts! HIGH TOWER PARK - COMING SOON.
  12. Sorry for Double post! didn't noticed it hasn't been 24 hours since the last one! sorry, wont happen again. ^^ Thank you! The park is getting done so fast! ^ Mission ORUS will be a 4D simulator, with a pre show and queue, dark ride, and the the post show sequence and play area! Can't wait for you all to see it! and yes, history is part of the ride! Thanks to everyone that has supported us during the EuroWorld Construction! Park is going to be finished soon! Now to the news. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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