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The RCT/RCT2 Preview Thread

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Experimentation. Trying to improve my architecture and foliage, which really need improvement. This is going to be for my Herschend style park which will be part of a 3 map project. The other two maps will be a water park (non-functioning, sorry), and a cabin resort map. This is not part of the actual park yet, just experimentation.


Please give me feedback.

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^^Building on right: add color to the deck/porch part, it's too brown

Center building: just add trim to the overhang.

Left: The walls could use some flowerboxes perhaps for depth? And maybe trim around the tower.


That should do it. Oh, and fix the glitches with the flowers next to the brown fence, they pop through it.

It's all looking pretty good, just remember elevation changes, even slight ones, are your friend.

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I decided to play the game, and I made up a workbench and what not. It is all NCS with the exception of paths and rides. I have no plan for what I'm doing, but I'm just doing it.


An entrance to the park with a classic out'n back wooden coaster as the entrance highlight.

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