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The RCT/RCT2 Preview Thread

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Thank you! Actually not a bad idea... but I am not entirely attached to even the roof at this time but I will experiment with some sort of structural poles or something similar to that. Also thanks about the woodie... I tried to make a mid size(it's only 65 feet tall) that is exciting! This is somewhat of a resort park with themes based on just things I like because I have never done a resort park... like the ghost or gargoyle lives in haunted hollow and the woodie is more of a layout experiment for the moment, but it is likely to go into a music inspired area.

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I like the wooden coaster layout so far. I looks like a lot of fun to follow. My real issue is with how close to the edge of the map both of your rides (especially the queue entrance) are. I'll probably change my mind about it when I see more of the surrounding area though.


There will be rails on the viewing platform.

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You know what, I think I will post on here.


I have no idea if this is going to be completed or if this is just something I'm doing until I'm bored with (More than likely its the second of the two) but either way I have started playing up RCT yet again, and I've been working on a bunch of stuff.


Some of the things I plan on doing are not going to go well with the people who are focusing on realism and company names. My intention is not to care about that kind of stuff ^.^


I do still plan to support the thing, to make it look prettier.

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I didn't think that making a ropes course-style attraction was possible without custom content. Looking pretty good.

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