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The RCT/RCT2 Preview Thread

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Finally found where the pics were kept!

My coaster Blizzard with stats.


Go Karts track named Jungle Karts (unimaginative I know) with stats.


My really boring Food Court and and Observation Tower


Please give me some feed back!

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Looks awesome! great job!


I'll just post some other pics of rides since nobody is commenting on the other ones.


Really bad name of Abandoned, one of my best steel rollercoasters I've ever made.


Entrance to abandoned, with haunted house inside, and carousel with theming.


Jungle adventure, a junior rollercoaster with really bad ratings because I just made a bad one this time round.


Miner's Revenge, a wooden roolercoaster with excitement rating of 8.6 approx

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I think you might need some shrubbery and changes in the terrain texture and mabye elevation. It doesnt have to be much elevation, but just a little bump or pit will make it that more realistic. Also, it will help you cover up the squariness of it all, for example; look at the first screen with the Swamp(?) themed steel coaster. Look at the left at the green sludge (or whatever it's called) pool (the green bubbling water), anyway, look at how square the edges are. If you put in some shrubbery, texture and elevation changes around it (mabye some full dirt mixed with the grass/dirt) it would (at least in my eyes) look much better.


I'm loving your coasterlayouts, they're really interesting and unique. It's the foliage and terrain that i'm not very fond of.

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^ Thanks and don't worry I plan on sending it into NE if I think it'll get anything at the end so it will definitely be available at some point for download.







EDIT: There is also some more screens in my work shed thread from this project if you wanted to see more.

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I actually don't like using custom scenery that much, as it can get a bit overwhelming in what items to pick from (unless its rct3!) The only things that are custom are the invisible paths and a whole bunch of non-glitchy looking flat rides.


I'm going for a scenery based ride with this one, where the main focus is the scenery and not so much the ride for this one,

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Everything is NCS with exception of the rides and the invisible pathway I use every now and then. As I said before, CS feels over whelming, so I don't like to go into it too much.


I don't know when would be a good time to put this park on its own thread, as its still pretty tiny. I may work my way back to the entrance, and just start it once I can have peeps be in it.


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Your scenery design is rally good but I just feel at times there is too much path. It's just my personal opinion that the paths are a bit wide. Also maybe put a fence around the maze to help it blend in with the scenery at the front and the housing in the middle. Still, I still love it for fact that it makes me feel like it's got CS in it when it doesn't Good work!


@djboss302 This is looking really good. Can't wait to see what will come. Keep it up!

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^^^I think that some trees around the pathways would help out and make the paths look much nicer. Also, I see no trees at all in the image. I think an added amount of vegetation would do so much for your park.

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^^It's probably just because of what XYZ said, the paths just look open and vegetation around them would probably make it a bit better




Have some pics of recent work, though I couldn't add in the landscape changes like suggested last time.


My entrance with not enough scenery around it sorry :L In the background is a purple building, housing 2 launched freefalls.


Two reverse Freefalls named Terror Tower 1 and Terror Tower 2 (Also weird space rings )


Unnamed desert themed steel coaster.


One of my best coasters, Death Trap. A jungle themed flying coaster. Stats in top left corner.



Please provide feedback and criticism!

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