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The NL/NL2 Preview Thread

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If you cant tell by the Photos I'm doing a recreation of Gatekeeper. I'm going at the pace of what they are doing construction wise so I dont get too overwhelmed with this project. I'm putting in some of my first 3Ds into this model, so tell me what you think. P.S. The keyhole pic is just to see how my 3D would fit with the track and how it would look. Gatekeeper-121208220257000.thumb.jpg.3ca67eb4dd184f03a76ba7ac5ac1bae6.jpg

What the construction crew had done 12/8/2012


I wast testing out my 3D of the Keyholes and how they would look with the track

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This is my first coaster that I have created using Newton (that I'm posting). Obviously inspired by outlaw run and the other Rocky Mountain coasters.


Notable Elements in Order


1)Rolling Drop (need to find the max angle still, not sure how to go about this)


3)Twist into overbanked turn-around

4)Zero G. Roll (Much like iRattler)

5)90 Degrees!

6)Airtime Hill into Bunny Hill

7)90 Degrees under lift hill

8)Figure 8

9)90 Degree "wave" turn.

10)Double Barrel Roll


Still need to fix up the supports, scenery and landscaping. Also need to come up with a name. Once I make more headway I'll create a thread.

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Ugh! Terrible choice in font.


The coaster looks great though! I feel like the outside-banked turn during the double-up could be a regular airtime hill instead.

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^Thanks AJ, yeah sorry about the font. Thought it kinda fit the whole western look.


The outside banked turn I think works better than an airtime hill only because right now starting at the "outside banked turn" and ending at the "overbanked turn around" it is doing this cool "left right left right left" twisty motion that I think works. Appreciate the feedback though!

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Looks very nice! I thought the font was fine


Same. Coffee Tin is very similar to the fonts actually used in promotional pieces for RMC and other rides and is quite commonly used. I'd love to see a few more pictures of this ride!

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Looks nice! The first drop and loop are quite similar to the one I'm working on now.


A Gatekeeper-inspired B&M invert. All 3ds except the pavement and fences are original (and have no texture because I only have the free version of Sketchup).



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Well, I've decided to play around with FVD++, since it's available for Mac. I'm making an attempt to recreate the infamous Traver Safety Coasters, which is going surprisingly well.


However, the incline helix is being a serious pain, and I can't get the trick-track quite right, but some progress is better than no progress.

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