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Efteling Discussion Thread

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Awesome stuff, the ride itself is nothing special, but the racing makes the ride soo much fun. Thanks for sharing, Robb!


Oh, yeah, one thing. I don't watch a whole lot of onrides, but is the sound always like that? It seems rather silent as you can only hear the wind.

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The budget of Ravelin has has risen from 30 million to 50 million euros, about 64 million US dollars.



The backside of the dilapidated entrance gate.



Down at ground level...




New concept art for the backside of the building.


Please feel free to leave a comment.

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What exactly is this? A new hotel?

It will be a big outdoor theatre, with a show written by a Dutch book writer. It seems to be quite spectaculair what they come up with. Efteling used to have the 5th largest theatre in Holland, with a parkshow. But they are using that for paid musicals now. So they need another place to have shows.


There will also be a big place for parties/congresses and it will hold all office staff of the Efteling. Furthermore there will be a restaurant and bar.

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Looks like some people had another look at the new drawings, and this is what we saw;




The clearence is about 10 meters, which is huge. Here in the netherlands we can only think of two types of rides: Robocoaster or Pandora's box. Whatever it is, the Efteling is going to build one of the coolest darkrides EVER!









Note, the track has a huge clearence, this thing is twice as big as the biggest darkride in the park. Also. The building is going to cost 10 million, which leaves 35 for the darkride alone!

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It's confirmed! Hartenhof is a Vekoma Pandora's Box ride, but with a larger set of seats. The seats can move up and down a pole, which can move from scene to scene around the building. The seats are also movable in relation to the vehicle they are on. In other news, the Vekoma Double Loop Corkscrew Python may be replaced with a new coaster in 2015. The new coaster will use extra land that is located behind Python at this moment.


Efteling just keeps spending massive amounts of money!


Psst, a cross-section of the building:


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42.5M euros....wow. What comes close to that amount of cash? Tower of Terror @ DisneySea? The entire Harry Potter area at IoA?


In dollar's the crappy Disneyland Tower of Terror cost around 70 million dollars, this will cost about 60 million dollars. Remember however, a huge cooperation liks Disney's money tends to get diluted in the process, and the cost inflated. A smaller park like the Efteling should be able to make a world class dark ride for much cheaper than Disney or even Universal.


For those wondering, here's a video of Pandora's Box in action, as made by users on rct3:


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Do we know where the ride is going yet? I'm guessing its going in the huge clearing in the middle of the park near the big lake and Fantasy Forest, its easily viewable on bing maps.


I found an interesting article on the Pandora's Box system. I'm really guessing/hoping this is what it will in fact be.



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Efteling pakt uit met grote fonteinenshow Aquanura

maandag 18 april 2011 | 13:48 | Laatst bijgewerkt op: maandag 18 april 2011 | 13:50



Efteling wil het 60-jarig bestaan in 2012 vieren met een nieuwe attractie: Aquanura, de grootste fonteinenshow van Europa. foto John Schouten/PVE




KAATSHEUVEL - De Efteling komt in het jubileumjaar 2012 met een nieuwe attractie: de watershow Aquanura.


Volgens het attractiepark is het de grootste fonteinenshow van Europa en na Las Vegas en Dubai de derde grootste van de wereld. De Efteling viert volgend jaar het 60-jarig bestaan. Op 31 mei 2012 opent een nieuwe jubileumattractie. Op de Vonderplas, vlakbij de hoofdentree, komt een grote fonteinenshow. Leverancier is de firma WET uit Los Angeles, die ook achter de shows in Las Vegas en Dubai zit. Enkele maanden eerder opent de Efteling ook een nieuw sprookje in het Sprookjesbos: De Nieuwe Kleren van de Keizer. Het bedrijf wil nu nog niet veel kwijt over de plannen, ook niet over de hoogte van de investeringen. Later dit jaar wil het de plannen voor de nieuwe attracties verder presenteren.© Brabants Dagblad 2011, op dit artikel rust copyright.


Quick translation: 2012 will be the the year Efteling turns 60 years old, and the park will celebrate that with Aquanura, a watershow built by WET, the same company that built the huge fountains in Dubai and Las Vegas, and it'll be the largest of Europe, and the third largest watershow in the world, leaving only the fountains in Dubai and Las Vegas in front of it. Efteling didn't want to tell how much they are going to invest in the new watershow, they will release more information later this year.


Anyhow, I'm curious how this will work out, if it's going to be anything like WoC at Disney, it'll be a great addition tothe park!

It will be placed in the lake in front of Fata Morgana


Actually, Hartenhof would be the new ride to celebrate their anniversary, but that'll be delayed one year. I understood that because of that, Efteling decided to place this new watershow.

Disney's WoC cost $75.000.000, so I wonder how much this one will cost. But one thing is sure, Efteling sure is spending a LOT of money the last few years.

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Yeah they spended a lot; lets see;


De Vliegende Hollander (2007): €20.000.000

Joris en de Draak (2010): €12.500.000

Raveleijn (2011): €30.000.000

Hartenhof: (2013): €42.500.000

Aquanura: (2012): €?


So in 5 years they spend: €105.000.000 aka $149.887.584,31 (Excluding the newly build fairytales, like Sprookjesboom, Meisje met de Zwavelstokjes and De Kleding van de Keizer; wich adds a few more million to it.)


Not bad for a themepark without a big backbone company.

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