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Hanno's picture of the day

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This is going to be such a great addition to WDW!!!


Now if only we can upgrade to Shanghai's pirates too...


Shanghai Pirates.. so good... just bummed I won't be able to enjoy it more often.. fingers crossed for an update at another park..

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beautiful pics of ToT at DisneySea.


for those that have never been . . what is "Shiriki" ?


(it could be a character? or it could be what you've named your camera (hey, one never knows.. my friends all name their cars/laptops).



ooooo. . . love it!



and again, so happy you're back to posting regular pictures.


enjoying them so damn much.

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I don't get all the WDW Pirates hate. It's fine. I'm sorry but it's really not that different from everyone's beloved Disneyland version of the same ride. Replace them all with the Shanghai version, or maybe just Disneyland's to really upset all the fanboys!

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From 2016

Shanghai Disney




It's a challenge to get decent pictures inside but here are a couple somewhat decent images.. just to give you a glimpse.

Look up the video for a better idea of this awesome ride.

It's almost worth flying to Shanghai just for this ride (I think)


sets and video working together


overwhelming screen sensations


and Jack is there


just for the fun a random Tron daytime image

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Today I have a couple of pictures from you from a park and ride that does not get much attention lately.

Dragster, maverick, RMC coasters.. all rides we talk about every single day (basically)

But this park and especially this ride is still unique in the world.

As far as I know this is the only coaster like that built so far


From 2014

Skara Sommarland





Look up the video of this ride






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