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Hanno's picture of the day

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I have never ridden Tranan, and I don't know what it is about this ride, but I just love it! It is one, if not the most interesting coaster concept I have ever seen. I feel drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. It calls to me. Perhaps it caters to my slightly skewed view of life. There's just something not... ...it just doesn't seem right, and I love it for that. I must ride this one day. I need to ride it. Like a mermaid beckons sailors to their watery graves, Tranan beckons to me. Worse case scenario, I will be sure my ashes are taken on it if I should pass.


Speaking of which, if I do die, Robb & Elissa, can you take my ashes on a future Scandi trip and spread them on all the great coasters and strip clubs of that region? I would really appreciate it. Can you do dat fo a brotha?




And to get this back on topic. Beautiful picture Hanno. You can put a smidge of my ashes in one of your photo books for good measure. Just reach in, take a pinch, and apply sparingly.

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Now I get it when people say that it feels like you could really fall.


Yep--the only restraint is a seat belt. The ride is a lot of fun, and Hanno's photo captures that perfectly.

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Twister and Helix were the two coasters i was so much looking forward to riding on this tour.

Neither disappointed.

And Twister was a total surprise with so many (literal) twists in the tracks, and then

a part that I thought was "the end" of it. But it kept going on for a little while longer.


Twister was awesome!

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