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I don't think Casey and Robb would try that again as they are much older now and would probably die!

time for some more Cedar points pictures. The next day started cloudy but it get pretty warm that day. Fun times walking around in the sun, not having to stress about getting or rides and ta

Last bit of this Midwest trip in 07 was spent at Kings Island. Beast at night was a lot of fun. It was kind of challenging to get fun pictures from a lot of rides back then. so you will

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Oh I know!

Can't wait to have your impressions on that new german hotness...

And don't miss the breakfast at the Hotel des Pirates, it's wonderful!

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So yes, i stayed at the Pirates hotel at Nigloland so i could be here bright and early to check out the new blue coaster called Alpina Blitz..

Should be fun today

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Here's a couple of pictures from today's visit to Holiday park




Sorry for the lack of updates..

Any request for pictures of certain rides??


Next week should provide some awesome pictures




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Nice pictures! Soooo much hairtime on expedition geforce! I love the last pic: hair flying everywhere, everyone holding onto the lap bars and then that one guy with his hands up! Great!

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