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Hanno's picture of the day

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Let's go back a long long time.

This was basically from the beginning of my coaster related trips and picture taking.

From a visit in 2007


The park:


The ride:



This is an indoor coaster with a very short outdoor section. Fun ride as far as I remember.


short outdoor part


this came out so funny/spooky


the exit hole


train outside

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Let's go back to 2012



Movieland Studios or better said the waterpark there: Caneva Aquapark


The only park i've visited that has a waterslide with airtime.

so much fun to be there and watch people try to get as much airtime as possible


Here's a couple of pictures.


I do know there is a video of this slide as well, but I could not find it yet.

edit: found it


bit of airtime


massive airtime


what goes up, most come down though ;)

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You take beautiful shots of coasters, but you get the best rider reaction photos. The more terrified, the better. Your second picture from Legoland cracks me up’

Thank you.

I always try to get some rider reaction photos. They tend to be a lot of fun

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so glad you're back posting so frequently, Hanno.


your pics really do bring a smile to my face most mornings

Thanks, keep the comments coming.

Keeps me energized for posting the pictures as well

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Sometimes you get the chance to ride a coaster that you just can't stop riding.

After my first couple of rides with TPR I visited this park many more times to ride this coaster.



Here are some pictures from a visit with TPR in 2008.



Holiday Park



Expedition GeForce




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