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The last couple of days i've been thinking about how to post new updates to this topic over the next couple of weeks/months.


Here's my idea.. i'll just do a memory lane trip.

Basically post pictures from all my TPR related travels, chronical order and favorite images.

This could be one update from a small park.. or multiple updates from bigger parks.

Maybe even a crazy amount of images from a single ride.


It all depends on how you guys react to this.

Let me know if you like the idea (or not) and keep posting comments.

The more reactions i'm getting, the more motivated i'll be to keep posting pictures.


To start this off.

First Themepark i visited with TPR was back in 07 (time flies)

The park was Klotten.

Home to all kinds of playground areas (fun for kids and adults) and a crazy mouse like coaster (forgot the name and too lazy to look it up)

felt like a perfect introduction to the fun TPR is.DSC_0204.thumb.JPG.12dbedcb96404fad39ad7e0260c0f474.JPGDSC_0340.thumb.JPG.fb5aa9b44991cd5589c64537d0ff1666.JPG

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Next stop on this trip was Tripsdrill

Small funky park in Germany (which has gotten a lot of great updates since that time)

To me this is a "classic" fun attraction


Is it laughter or fear?


This sure looks like fear


such a fun attraction :)

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After Tripsdrill it was a not so long drive to Holiday park.

My first experience with Expedition GeForce.


such a fun ride, been back to this park a couple more times and am looking forward to a future (and relaxed) visit to this park.


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After a fun afternoon/evening at Holiday Park we drive to the next hotel/park


Next morning i got to experience this fun park and a really fun spinning coaster.

Phantasialand has plenty of theming all around (even back then and it has changed a lot since 07)
but in a little corner you can find Winja's


que theming


even the ride itself tries to stay mysterious and creates some crazy pictures


"outdoor/indoors" part


still plenty of motion blur options.


what a difference in pictures between 07 and these days... but that's a different story

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Oh man, my last TPR trip to Holiday Park had some of the best ERT I've experienced.  I think I got 10-15 laps on GeForce without changing trains.  We were all just bouncing between rows while Derek (I think) planted himself in one row and didn't get up for like an hour.

Phantasialand is one of my favorite parks on earth and Winjas is an unassuming and wicked coaster.  If you manage to get it spinning well it gets even more absurd as the ride goes on.

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After a fun morning it was time to check out Toverland during the afternoon and evening.

They had just added a new GCI at that time (TROY) which was a fun ride.

loved all the play areas there and fun theming all around.

here's a couple of pictures from that visit.






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Toverland has certainly changed a LOT over the years. Still managed to keep their awesome 'playground have a ton of fun' vibe though, even with giant new coasters.

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^Yep.  The new Avalon section as great, and Fenix is the best of the B&M Wingrider coasters. It was nice to sit and relax with a brew at the indoor Biergarten, too.

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To finish off this first trip (for me) we had some more time at Phantasialand the next day.

For me this was a perfect introduction to TPR before doing the big MidWest trip later that year.

Beginning of many fun years and making a bunch of friends from all over the globe.

Hoping travel times will resume soon again.


anyway, here are some Black Mamba pictures.



this ride does crazy things to the camera


That first drop..


one of the view spots without nets making it hard to see things

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That last shot of Black Mamba is particularly good. The theming really enhances this coaster (all the trees and trenches--not to mention the drumbeats as you leave the station).

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After the fun introduction with the Mini-Europe it was time for the big USA coaster trip


Midwest 2007

I had no idea about what parks and rides i would visit so was in for a surprise.

It had also been 7 years since i had visited the USA and 6 years since i had done a trip where i had to speak english the entire time.

Challenge accepted ;)


Anyway, i can already say i had a blast.


ok enough bla bla


First stop (after gathering everybody at the airport and filling the busses..

Coney Island

(yes there is another besides the one near the ocean ;)


see it really says Coney Island


it has a fun coaster


some crazy slides the adults could also use


and even some bumper boats.

fun times and a nice way to start the trip.


Hope you like the trip through memory lane, keep responding and i'll keep posting things. Many many pictures. trips and years left to go ;)

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Next stop was Holiday World.

Home to Voyage (and other fun coasters at that time)

Got the opportunity to do a walk to the back (turn around) of this coaster and get some pictures from that area.

Fun times :)





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Next day we had a morning stop at Kentucky Kingdom.

it was a hot day, park on both sides of the road (i think i almost missed checking out the other side)

forgot to ride Deluge but did get some pictures of the group having fun.

Photo camera and waterpark are not a good mix ;)


anyway here's a couple of pictures.




T2 (SLC expressions)


more T2


"Manboobs" on Deluge


Next stop is Beech Bend

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