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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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You might be a nerd if the only time the whole year you buy a new shirt is when you go to a park(wearing my most recent one right now). You also might be a nerd if you mention to your co workers that you are planning a one day trip all the way to texas just for the texas giant and they look at you like you are nuts.

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- When instead of taking a test in school, you draw coasters around the sides


- When you go to a park with a friend and they try to keep up with you when you go from ride to ride


- When you correct the G.P. on incorrect facts

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...You've ever asked for an amusement park advertising poster that would have been thrown out otherwise.


...You've bought a season pass for a park even though you didn't think you'd use it, but you wanted the pass "just in case."


...You know more about a park than the people who work there.

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Some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom related ones.


You keep your Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom Cards in your car.

You go out of your way when you visit Orlando just to go to the Magic Kingdom to get your 5 cards.

You care more about collecting the Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom cards than actually playing the game.

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You might be a coaster nerd if....


...when you were a kid, you pretended the cordless home phone was a B&M Stand-up car and played with it accordingly.


...anytime you hear someone mention the movie SLC Punk, you immediately think of having your head thrashed around by a horrible Vekoma piece of crap.


...you'll waste time watching Richie Rich on TV (atleast until the part where they ride Iron Wolf).


...when driving from Texas to Connecticut in the middle of winter, you tell your boyfriend to take a nap in the car for awhile so he won't get mad when you drive 30 minutes out of the way just to take pictures of a closed Hersheypark from the parking lot.

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...you have to live at least 30 minutes away from an amusement park.


...you brag with your non-coaster enthusiast friends about your coaster memorabilia. (They really don't care.)


...you try to stop line cutters like they are criminals.


...you try to plan trips that go to many amusement parks.


All of the above apply to me.

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You might be a coaster nerd if... you used to pretend handrails were roller coaster tracks, and you would slide your hand on top of them pretending it was the train.


only *USED* to.....



you may be a coaster nerd if you hear the word "noodles" on a cookery show and think of skyrush

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If you use an Invertigo Wheel as a doorstop.

Sadly, my Invertigo wheel's just hanging out on one of my shelves.


You know you're coaster nerd when as of lately, everything with the word "gold" causes you to think of the codenamed coaster Au13. Also when most of the photos on your iPhone are photos taken from theme parks (according to my 'places' where I've taken photos, most are at CGA )

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