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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Do I want to go see Coheed and Cambria in Orlando or in Jacksonville? Orlando is about 30 minutes farther, but the Orlando show is on a Friday night, at a better venue, and is on Disney property.



When these are the things I have to complain about, you know it's a good summer.

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3 days until Europe!


Everything is about packed, money exchanged and travel insurance paid for!


If any people want to meet unofficially while I'm there here's the parks I'll be at:


June 16 - Alton Towers

June 17 - Thorpe Park (short day-- we're "fastpassing" it to get back to a train to Paris)


Of course, legal-aged tour/bar guides are always good!


*London - June 13

*Berlin - June 14-15

*Paris would be good for June 17-20th (Ok my French is very basic)

*Amsterdam party night (June 26) - I'm going to try to be sinning this night! No coaster talk!


Anyway, can't wait to leave!



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My last day of work for a month! Tomorrow I leave for London! I'll be eating on a budget, but at least the transportation and entertainment for the trip has been paid for.


I felt like I lived in a third world country exchanging my dollars for Pounds and Euros. The economy here is really in the crapper!



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Diana made it---by the skin of her teeth. Now that she has a high school diploma, she's moving on to college in the fall.


And I got almost $1300 in the mail yesterday that I don't have to pay any tax on because it was part of a settlement that was already taxed last year.




She made it!

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