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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Also, I have my first day of paid training/work at Disneyland on Friday.



Ugh! I would kill for a job there, but it seems after calling them, going in and talking, and just about eveything in my power to say I wannt something, I'm getting the cold treatment. -_-



But on a side note, Roller hockey starts up agian soon!

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Queensland citizens heard rumours that Sizzler Restaraunts is returning to South Australia by request of obsessive South Aussies!

Sizzler left my state in the late 1990s due to lack of funds and the last time I visited a Sizzler to date was one in Queensland, which I went there 2 times in 2001!

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My grandparents were both fantastic people and had well developed senses of humor. My grandfather used to speak at his USAF reunion (He dropped paratroopers over Normandy on D-Day). I pulled up a tape recording of one of the them and listed to it. Someone asked him how he and my grandmother were doing for being 82 and 86 at the time. Without missing a beat he said...


I feel the same as I did when I was 50. Now days though, we don't buy any green bananas and we eat desert first.


Miss you Gramps... Miss you lots. Hope you're proud of me.

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We had our annual hot tub party and potluck yesterday, all day.


It went well. We had a good number of the guys show up for it.


Lots of food and drink. And chat. And laughs.


I was a Happy Host, LOL!

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