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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Last week my old elementary school friend who I haven't seen for over 7 years called. It wasn't surprizing that we haven't talked in awhile as her family moved to Washington. She called me because she was looking through old picture albums and found all these pictures of us playing together. Waterfights, hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline, chasing my dog around the backyard, going to the park etc. Ah, I almost cried when I heard her voice for the first time in ages.

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My dad made me play softball with him and his team tonight, and we won! Then after, we went to one of my favorite restaurants for (root) beer and fries/to watch the Clipper game (which the also won!). And then I got home, checked facebook, and saw that The Gravity Group replied to a comment I posted on their page!

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It's been a busy weekend, but I think my side business of a Published Artist for 3D models is going well. I'm about ready to release my first pack and I'm working with a guy that owns several online stores to create several figures for sale. I made 2 morphs this weekend and he likes my work so much, he wants me to do 5 more!


I'm excited about this!



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Yesterday, our class had a bake sale to raise finds for the Catholic Relief Services work in Haiti. One of the most popular items that sold was chocolate covered bacon. It was amazing! If you've never tried it (or have ever even thought about it), you must! It is simply the most interestingly textured and flavored substance on planet Earth! Sure, it's probably 20% of the calories and fat needed to start a heart attack, but it's simply southes your tongue.


Patrick "Happiness IS chocolate covered bacon" Carnahan

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