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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Last month, I got a letter from Arbitron (TV/radio ratings) with two crisp dollar bills just saying thanks for...whatever it was. In that letter, they said that if I filled out a survey (also enclosed with the letter along with a postage paid return envelope) and sent it back, they'd send me five dollars. So I spent an entire five minutes on the survey and mailed it back.


Today, in the mail, was something from Arbitron. I figured it was junk mail, but I always open my junk mail and toss or shred as necessary. Not junk mail today---it was a crisp $5 bill with a letter of thanks for sending in the survey. Now, five dollars isn't much these days, but receiving a total of $7 for about five minutes' work without even asking for it ain't a bad thing---it works out to $84/hour.



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Gets to visit Purdue again tomorrow, super excited! I cannot WAIT until college, I'm pretty through with high school.

Curse you! As a freshman I haven't even hit the hard parts of high school and I'm already done. My bro just got into Hamilton, so I feel like I should be going to college pretty soon, but oh well.

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^Yeah, I know that feeling . I'm not saying that there aren't any good parts to high school, I had a lot of fun times and made tons of wonderful friends that I will incredibly miss when we all go away to college. That said...there are a lot of idiots in high school, and a lot of people I will be GLAD to leave behind. Moral of the story, enjoy high school, have fun, don't be dumb .

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