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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Proud of myself that I managed to make up for lost time on my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project by writing 3,035 words in the last few hours..going to have to do some 'writing ahead' later in the month, but I'm on target for 50,000 words in the month at the moment!

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Okay, this is the best [school] day ever.


- First off, it's Friday. That's a point kicker to start the day. +1

- Next, little traffic gets in my way there, a unique situation. +3

- Next, I find out that there is a substitute teacher in EVERY ONE OF MY CLASSES. This saved me from a Physics test as well. +18

- Then, it's pep rally time, and the drumline did a crazy funky step down the stairs to the gym floor and did a drum break (solo) as people cheered. +15

- Then, it's time for The Parlor with friends (a pizza buffet). Nobody is there except us so it was a true party. +5

- Next, it was Park time. There is a park near LOHS. We then found affiliate band people making out, and we scared them (a bass drummer + color guard, and a tuba + color guard). They chased us and we all piled into my car and locked the doors and drove off. They walked back to school. Their faces were priceless. +20

- Then, it was Party-In-The-Bandroom time. There was all sorts of music, from electronic to "Jump On It". I was jerkin' the whole time and it was fun. Party. +10

- Before time for the football game, we went to K-Mart to screw around. The post-Halloween sales section was pretty fun. +8

- We arrive at the football game with huge styrofoam boards that we found at K-Mart. We fenced, and then carved Purple Flashes (yes, our *unique* mascot, I guess you could say) and held them like Zeus. The players liked it and one of the guys started dancing in front of us and high-fiving after a touchdown. +10

- The game ends with a score of 45-43, Lone Oak winning. It was so close, as with under 2 minutes left on the clock the other team fumbled and LOHS ran into the endzone. This saved us from eminent doom, and our season being over. My voice is actually gone right now, as I yelled so loud that now I can only whisper. +20

- On the way back, I pulsed the brakes like I had hydrolics while waving my foam gun (also made from that K-Mart foam) like I was gangster with rap music leading the way. +5

- Then, it's Steak-n-Shake @ 11:30pm time, a tradition. The creepy waiter (who also waited on us last time because she's creepily nice - calls me "Sugar Booger") gave us Silly Bandz. These are my first. Yay, I'm with the times. Also, since my milkshake took 30 minutes to make (they were backed up, and I had to leave), the creepy waiter told me to just walk out with it FREE. +15

- Finally, I go to The "Happiness Pie" Thread to share my amazing day from start to finish. +1


Adding up to a grand total of 131 . My average day has 15 awesome points. And no, I did not make ANY of this up. This day was REALLY that awesome.


I'm just so happy right now, and even though I never read this thread, I just HAD to post in it. Yay.

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After pulling a near all-nighter, me and a friend finally beat Uncharted 2 in one sitting, 12 hours...that's gotta be some kinda record.


Also spent the time trading the controller munching on Skittles, drinking some Throwbacks, chatting with girls on FB (went "very well" ), and just having a kickass time.


I <3 today!

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