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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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S&S Worldwide Presentation at West Coast Bash!


Hey everyone! Great news! I have just received confirmation that a representative from S&S Worldwild will be speaking during the presentation at Knott's Berry Farm on Sunday, March 21st during West Coast Bash! With the recent announcement of a brand new "4th Dimension Coaster" I'm sure it will be a very interested presentation!


If you haven't registered for West Coast Bash do it now! Click here:



See you at West Coast Bash!


--Robb Alvey

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It's my Birthday today! Already got $35 in iTunes cards and seventy regular dollars that I'll either blow on a DVD/CD or put into the bank. I'm also getting a hefty paycheck from work in a few days! Talk about your hot streaks!

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I get to work from home for the next few weeks while the new office is finished. I had to go in to unplug my machine so IT can move it into the server room (not sure why they can't get this put up in Citrix... oh well). So in lieu of no computer to work on, I popped open a beer in my home office.





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