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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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It's Valentine's Day, so here are my pick-up lines for getting women:


1. I hope you like Mcdonald's, because I have a Big Mac


2. If I told you that you were beautiful, would you get naked?


3. They call me the construction worker, because I make things erect


Now, if you thought any of those lines would work you are a complete idiot. Wait, what? You actually thought those would work? Oh gosh, see this is why other countries are ahead of us in education. Laugh about it now, but we'll see if you're still laughing when our children are the ones working in Chinese sweat shops.

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So I've been employed for 2 weeks now. I love the fact that I got promoted to IT/HelpDesk before I got finished with training. Looks like this year is gonna be great.


On another note, I get my tax refund next week so I can finally start building my new PC! I'm soooo excited!

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