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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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One thing thing that I've missed the background on is this mysterious "Nina Kleppe" girl, she likes a lot of stuff, she must be very undiscerning?

In our earlier days of the TPR Facebook page, she liked... EVERYTHING we posted, and immediately. 2 seconds after we would post something...


and it sort of just became a running joke.


I could have posted....


"I have maggots in my scrotum."


"We should burn down all wooden roller coasters."


"Nine Kleppe needs to get hit by a bus."


It was just clear she didn't quite "get" Facebook and it was funny to a lot of us!


I like to say it's just one of those "TPR Things."

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Random thought crossed my mind: What if Cedar Fair bought Magic Mountain in '06?


Well, here's what I think would've happened.


Park closes in '08.

Batman sent to Valleyfair. Renamed Flight Deck, Afterburn, or Silent Eagle.

Scream! sent to Michigan's Adventure. Renamed Vortex.

Flashback, if not scrapped, gets sent to California's Great America , renamed Z-Force.

De Ja Vu sent to dorney Park, renamed Stinger (yep I just went there )

Riddler's Revenge sent to Worlds of Fun, renamed Orient Express II.

Goliath sent to Carowinds, Carowinds cancels Intimadator 232, (let's be honest, they would totally do this), renamed Intimadator.

X sent to Canada's Wonderland. Same name.

Superman The Escape sent to Kings Island, renamed The Plunge.

Magic Flyer/Goliath Jr./Whatever sent to Gilroy Gardens, renamed Cabbage train


All other coasters are left SBNO. SeaWorld entertainment purchases park in 2010, renames park Busch Gardens Asia, re themes all rides except Tatsu. Ninja renamed Samurai, Viper renamed Green Dragon, Psyclone renamed Typhoon, Colossus renamed Himalaya Express, Revolution renamed Bashe, Canyon Blaster renamed Grover's Epic Journey and Gold Rusher renamed Fuji Train. Multi launch coaster built on former site of Goliath, named Dragon Express, built by Intamin, similar to Cheetah Hunt. Parking lot placed on former Scream! spot. New Premier Superman clone built on old Batman spot in 2015, and yeah.

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