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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Finally got new wiper blades for the RV. You won't believe how difficult that was. If I hadn't driven up there to pick them up, they still would have shipped me the wrong ones. I guess the fifth time is the charm. Now I finally have a vendor/part number to reference in the future.

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There's a twitter account of the mashup-crashup name Travolta read on the Oscars.

Of that name. And it already has 20,000 'likes'.



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I was just looking at some past Mitch Hawker ballots and went into my sent emails to take a look at some lines on one of my ballots that were thrown out. Well, I finally figured out why. Through some fail of find and replace (I'm assuming), I had inadvertently listed the Minnesota coasters as Missouri coasters. Won't happen again, I swear!

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If I'm ever able to start a heavy metal band, our name would be "The Chosen Few," and our whole thing would be that we're the chosen few sent by the Music Gods to bring good music back to the people.


On a somewhat related note: I wish I knew how to compose music, because I've got some musical ideas that I can't imagine have been done frequently at all.

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