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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I'm a Full Fledged Donkey Enthusiast now..


Well its true, I can enthuse about ass's at great length


I know thats probably been said soo many times before, but I don't care, woo!!


Also we got our uniforms at last at work. It looks like I work making Pretzels. Damn the Stafford knot!

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^ I think he's turning Japanese, I think he's turning Japanese, I really think so, I really think so...


Just had a thought...how do we know that what we read in today's paper or see on the news isn't all an April Fools Day joke?



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So today during lacrosse practice this person throws a ball really far to this kid whose last name is Sachrison, but we all call him "Sach" for short. But anyway the guy throwing shouts really loud "Watch out for the ball, Sach"!

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^Wha? Snuggies are wierd.


^ I always wonder what happened to that company. They probably went bankrupt when they realized that no one wants to buy "Chia Heads".


I believe Chia Pets still exist. I recently saw a Chia commercial.

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