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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Well, I'm probably going to have about a thousand people mad at me...heres the conversation between my sister and I.



Sister: We can't loft the beds!!


SkycoasterFreak1: wha?

SkycoasterFreak1: sorry, I had my IM chimes off

SkycoasterFreak1: hey, it's not my fault that the furniture was crap in the first place and it broke

SkycoasterFreak1: I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time

Sister: under the wrong people

SkycoasterFreak1: lol

SkycoasterFreak1: anyway, how did you find out that you can't loft the beds

SkycoasterFreak1: in the letter they said homemade

Sister: Kim told me via Katie who already moved in

SkycoasterFreak1: ohh

Sister: they took all the pieces

SkycoasterFreak1: pieces for what

SkycoasterFreak1: the extra pieces to build a loft?

Sister: yes

SkycoasterFreak1: then what happens if a bed breaks..where are they going to get the extra pieces?

Sister: no clue

Sister: but, the thing is, i have a feeling someone is gonna get seriously hurt or killed this year

SkycoasterFreak1: so I take it the ghetto and carlizzle both have the old furniture?

Sister: I think so


If you guys recall, back in february a bunk bed collapsed on top of me and it pushed the school to inspect all the furniture. Now the beds can not be lofted since they can pose a hazard. anyway, here's a picture of the bed


and here I am covering the gash with a washcloth.


theres the bed

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It's my second Monday of the week!

confused? I'll explain.


I work monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday.

So, Monday is a monday,

tuesday is a wednesday because its in the middle part of my week.

Weds is friday, because i'm off on Thursday.

Friday is like a monday, first part of the second section of my week.

Saturday is like a friday, because i'm off on sunday which is like a saturday.

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The Dream Foundation, in Santa Barbara, ROCKS!! They grant wishes for terminially ill ADULTS and they are flying my brother in law and his sister to LA in two weeks so that he can fufill his dream (actually it was the dream of his and his late daughter, who was killed three years ago by a drunk driver) of going to CBS and attending a taping of The Price is Right.


My brother in law has terminal cancer and we can't believe how quickly this awesome organization put this together!!


Shari "I hope he gets to meet Bob Barker" Shoufler

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So this is the last weekend of the summer for the kids and they are under the weather. They have had all summer to be sick and now they get colds/bad allergies. Amanda looks so pathetic on the couch, thankfully Josh is almost over his.


Kristi "here's hoping the school year is not a bad one health wise!" C.

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