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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^^ lol, my day starts at 3am when I get up for work. I usually leave our house between 3:30 and 4 and it takes 20 min to get to work. It is 4:45am right now. I love my hours. I am off then at 2pm and as soon as I get home Gregg leaves for work.


Kristi "is a total morning person!" C.

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^The only thing that sucks is on the weekend my body stays on this schedule so I have a hard time staying up with Gregg. Well, I WAS having a hard time, but lately it has been easier.


Mr. Six, yes, I gag every morning I have to get up and go to work. Hopefully once we move next year and I can maybe go to cooking school I can actually do something I want to do instead of something I have to do.


Kristi "counting the days to our trip to VA!!! 55 to be exact! " C.

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^ Do you guys use Bank of America? Apparently there was some problem about direct deposit yesterday. We got some company wide emails about it. Luckily I have WaMu.


Unrelated: My avatar plays really fast on my computer at work. Weird.

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When I leave work today, it'll be Tuesday morning before I have to come back here. Except for holiday weekends, I rarely get three days off in a row.


Monday at 10:10am, I'll be 46. So I'll take that day and go do something just for me. I'm not sure yet. I may just jump in the car, hit the freeway, and head...somewhere for the day. I'll post a report when I get back.



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