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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Our fat ass cat brought in a live bird yesterday.


The bird got away, hopefully it was okay. The question we are still wondering about though is how in the hell did our fat ass cat, who does nothing but lay on her fat ass all day manage to move quick enough to catch a bird.



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Damn, I've been so productive today!


- Met with with the GF for lunch

- Went to Target and Costco and restocked on cleaning supplies and toilet paper

- Got some new shirts at Old Navy

- Washed a load of clothes (and succesfully shrunk down the shirts I bought since they were too big)

- Got my car's oil changed and washed. Also changed the registration tags and license plate frame. And cleaned out the trunk and back seat.

- Cleaned my hallway, closet, kitchen stove (went through an entire magic eraser on that one), and bathroom

- Mopped the bathroom floor


Crap, I should have done a photo day report! This is the only time I'll ever do this much stuff. I'm surprised I haven't fallen over yet.

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I got a slice of birthday cake a day early, but that's only because one of the kids in Diana's youth group had a birthday today.


But, I'm taking tomorrow off to go do WHATEVER...because I can.


And in other news, a can of Diet Coke stays fizzier when it's cold, so I now keep my cans of Diet Coke in the fridge.



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