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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Yeah check out my new sig. Click the link and tell me what you think. Oh and Elissa, while he's out n about, freeze a pair of his underware. I did it to my cousin and he had the WTF look on his face when he went to go get some ice cream. Funny stuff!


Colin C

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are pretty much the greatest household cleaning item ever invented. If you have some sort of stain/dirt spot/anything you don't think you can clean, get a Magic Eraser and try it out. They get out most anything.

I really don't know how they work. It basically just feels like a sponge. You wet it, wring it out, and then just gently rub over the area you need to clean. The important thing is to not scrub hard because that wears down the eraser really fast. Just gentle motions.

It gets rid of soap scum, caked in dirt, fingerprints, crayon/sharpee. I really haven't had something it hasn't cleaned. Target had a sale recently, a pack of four for $2.50. I bought eight packs.

I should do a cleaning supply thread. Magic Erasers + Mr Clean Magic Reach + Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes + Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Pads = CLEAN BATHROOM.


wes (cleaned the bathroom at midnite last night)

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Those Mr. Clean things are the best thing ever invented for people with children...or husbands that are messy


My other randomness for the day: My eye was bothering me at work, I didn't think much of it. Now, it looks as if something has bitten my face, I have two small red bumps right by my eye and they really hurt!


Kristi "the thought of a bug on my face makes me want to cry!!" C.

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LOL Meister Proper.... wow, YAY I was the only one that I saw today at Carowinds who could snap, when the ride stopped everyone was looking at me because my bucket was still swinging back and forth. I heard someone say "OMG he's still swinging..." Haha like I've done something bad, anyway TOP GUN RULES!!!

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