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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I get to set off fireworks today. But the stuff I bought is the ones that stay on the ground since Connecticut Law forbids aerial fireworks... Oh well, my neighbors 4th of July party should be good anyways.


It's illegal here in north carolina too unless you have a permit.


which is why we go to south carolina to buy them and set them off at my house which is in a very secluded area!

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Tropical Storm Cindy hit us yesterday, and boy did it hit hard.


The day started out as a normal looking day except it was muggy, cloudy, and you could tell there was somthing screwy going on, lol.


Around 1:30-2:00 o'clock i was at my friends house and it started to thunder, alot. and it started to get really loud. also we were put into a tornado watch.


About 30 mins later it started to rain and the thudner got REALLY loud. there was a tornado warning for Yadkin County at first. then a few minutes later the warning moved the county touching yadkin's top right corner.


A few minutes later my mom came to get me and this other kid from my friends house (the other kids parents were at work). we got to my house when about 30 seconds later the news people said "king residents find cover NOW!" which just so happened to be my city.


it was starting to rain really hard. and the thunderstorm cell was right above my house, so the thunder was INCREDIBLY loud now. We went to our neighbors daughter-in-laws house because they have a concrete basement and we live in a double wide trailer.


About half way down my road i realized that we left my poor little dog Abby at home, which made me VERY upset. (abby is a one of a kind dog, no dog could replace her. not one dog could even come close to it) i would have been devestated if a tornado went down our road and if we lost our house and my dog and bird.


then around 3:00 or so while we were at the other persons house the rain started to spiral (i guess there was a microburst or somthing) so we went into the basement. after we were in there for a few minutes our neighbor went upstairs to see what the news people were saying. our county was now in tornado warning. which made me really scared. it was still raining really hard.


We were down in that basement for over half an hour, now it was almost 4:00 PM and the tornado warning was over! i was really releived.


so a few mins later we went back to our house, everything was in tact. my dog was fine. no sign of a tornado hitting anywhere.


Time for the humorous part of the story: We let my bird outside every day to let it get some sun/fresh air and stuff. and we forgot to bring it inside before we left so it was soakin wet. LOL


Anyway, we got home and the power was out. which was wierd because we were one of the only places in the city that had power out. one of our neighbors never even lost it.


So we called the Electric company and they said "it should be on at 6:30"


Well, it was now 7:00 and still no sign of power. so we had to go out to eat. (we had mexican. mmmmm).


When we got back we called the electric company again, and now they said "it shoudl be on by 8:30"


At 10:00, still no sign of power. the power didn't come back on until approximitley 12:36 AM this morning. But my friend (who was in the beginning of the story) didn't get power again until about 2:00 this afternoon.


I know it dosen't sound like it's that bad. but i can assure you that once it happens to YOU, you will realize why people get so upset about hurricanes and tropical storms. and i'm sure alot of people on here can agree with me on that.


And i found out this morning that there WERE three funnel cloud sightings and a Tornado in the city right below mine. no injuries though.


WE ended up getting 3 inches of rain. Yadkin county, which is the county that got hit hardest, got over 4 inches of rain. And there were some trees that fell into people houses, i think a car was tipped over due to a flood/stream overflowing (it was one of those).


Trev"longest post ever!"32

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oh man, I just noticed today that the internet restrictions have been lifted on accesing the internet at work. I typed in google.com and it popped up, then I tried this site and it worked. huzzah!! my long work hours will go by quickly since I can access more then the intranet, mapquest, and weather.com

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^ How long did it take you to write that


who knows....


Diana and Adam went to see Fantastic Four, Mom went to the Angels game, and I'm sitting here waiting for the laundry to get done.


What a fun evening!






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