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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I reject your reality and substiktute my own, to random, maybe, no its not, hey shut up carl, you shut up its not to random, what are you talking about, give me those bubbles carl, no i sold my 7th trycicle for these, but I gave you a fresh slice of the wishing tree, maybe your right, of course im right for i am the mayor of alboquurque, you stole that from simpsons and spelt it wrong, shut up, no, well im out of ideas, hey whos that guy, what guy, that guy whos typing everything we say, hey guy, hes not answering, hey stop typing, stoptyping stop typing, hey stop typing me telling you to stop typing, you didnt just type that did you, KILL HIM, good thing we we brought these big knives, run hes got the bubbles, ude there just bubbles, o ya lets kill him now, die you comma using basta:STAB: :THUD: :WALKING AWAY NOISES:, Hey, what, is he STILL typing....





Ricky "way to random" chan


yeah hes still typing, o well, hey lets go rent a cow...

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Ok, our lottery machine is f***ed up I think. I had a few times where I would press "Send" once for one ticket and the machine still printed out two.


for example, customer wanted 4 seperate classic lottos. So I pressed Lotto > Repeat > 5 > Quick Pick > Send...and I still got a 5th ticket.


So like usual, I bought it and only matched one number. Which means I won jack sh*t.


Visual Aid for you blind people....

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Zane's mate


I still really hate that expression. 'Mates' are animals breeding partners. Well I suppose you in NZ are mates, being sheep screwers.



I hope you also know that in the UK, Australia, and NZ, I dunno where else, but using the term Mate instead of like friend is very common.


Mate:1 a (1) : ASSOCIATE, COMPANION (2) chiefly British : an assistant to a more skilled worker : HELPER (3) chiefly British : FRIEND, BUDDY -- often used as a familiar form of address b archaic : MATCH, PEER


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