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  1. Ill try to get make a TPR. i did one for PCW once but it wasnt very good. Ill get some pics and if ill probably post the ones i like. if EE is open i will definetly make one
  2. me, my mom, and my 2 sisters are going to orlando for new year, and im wondering about some stuff. 1) whats the best disney world park?(AK, MK, MGM, E. we are only going to 1..) 2) will expedition everest be open? 3) will it be the parks be busy? 4) this may have nothing to do with anything./ but i saw it in a TPR once, and i want to know. Wher do i get the male nurse action figure?
  3. This was kind of freaky, on saturday i went on the computer and followed links from different sites to other sites all day long, then i found this: http://www.milkandcookies.com/search.php copy and paste "Velkommen Til Bonbonland" into the non-google search THAT is when you know youve been on too long, when your on the internet, the largest source of information EVER... and you manage to do make a complete circle.
  4. any drop ride, they jsut insettle me. more afraid of drop zone then top thrill dragster.
  5. for everyone whos waiting for the PS3 to come out know this. Is has online play integrated into it, and bluetooth(its what they use in blackberry computers). i guarantee when it is released it will cost, AT LEAST $800 american. and its still gonna be crap compared to the 360 and the revolution.
  6. While we are on the topic id like to post this list. it is a list of awards Call Of Duty 2 has been nominated at this years Video Game Awards: Best Original Score Best First Person Action Best Military Game Best Graphics Best PC Game AND... GAME OF THE YEAR! thats all i have to say right now...
  7. I didnt sit around and play games all day, i played over 4-5 hours over the course of 2 days. And chris, im canadian, and your texan. the ability to crack jokes is pretty even so dont start up with that.
  8. also theres the fact that shes just a plain idiot that doesnt take anything seriously and will do what ever she wants because shes a spoiled little brat. plus i can remember back when the sex tape came out she said she didnt even remember making it. what she thought: "this will make them think i didnt make it", what we thought: :wow, shes such a slut she cant even remember making a sex tape. so they gave her a show. on what channel you ask? FOX OF COURSE! MAN I HATE HER! she dos nothing but pose and make crap perfume and act stupid. setting posibly the worst possible message to younhg girls AND NOW SHES IN MOVIES AND DESIGHNING CLOTHES! o and know shes gonna RECORD AN ALBUM! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD THAT THIS PERSON CAN SURVIVE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man i just want to scream.
  9. ok, so i got by it. and i blew up the rockets, and that was it. the rockets fall on the tanks and the games over. then they show a war history film about a bunch of battles that SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE GAME! now that got me mad but its still better then medal of honor, but will never be better then brothers in arms. its just too good. good game overall but it only took me about 2 days to beat it on normal mode. the game is fun, only drawbacks are 1.the game was just too short, 2. and the tanks are hard to steer. good game, short story, severe lack of donkeys.
  10. http://www.gossiplist.com/blog2/archives/006707.html WoW, i knew something was up.
  11. I rented call of duty 2: big red one, and first of all: it is FAR more superior then finest hour, which was crap, and this is good. anyway it say i hyave to go through the dragons teeth and enter germany, but whenever i go in i get picked off by the tower dudes in like 3 seconds, and when i shoot them they come back, and when i hide behind the blocks, the bullets still hit me no matter what position im in. what the hell man!? its still fun though.
  12. "I would give it all up for a fresh slice of the wishing tree", said the monacled dolphin.
  13. I made this with paint: thats ma lucky hat.
  14. PCW IOA USF MGM CP I did pretty good for a 13 year old from ontario, anyway the best were 1. cedar point MF rules. 2.IOA, hulks awesome, 3. MGM, tower of terror is the greatest drop ride ever concieved. anyway 5 down, alot more to go.
  15. ok, first of all having know ridden TTD i can now say it is DEFINETLY worth it. second this could be a big problem, i know everyone is mad because the ride will be closed but this could be really bad for the park. if they get a reputation for there biggest atraction being shut down they are going top lose business, and if they lose money they wont be able to build kick-ass $25000000 coasters. P.S. millenium force is the best coaster in the world, no matter what
  16. my family and me are driving down to ohio to go to cedar point! woo-hoo! anyway i just wanted to know if you guys could give me some tips for hitting the park cause i only get ONE go at it, this saturday. P.S. i am already aware dragster is usually broken.
  17. dont see "the perfect man". its the stupidest movie ever made. heres the storyline:L everytime a women gets dumped she moves, and her daughter is only mad cuz shes gonna miss the prom. doesnt care that her mom has such an unhealthy habit. so she messes with her moms life and the life of an innocent man, in tyhe process almost destroying a resaurant. and then when her mom finally figures it out, instead of yelling at evil selfish little hilary duff, she apologizes. if you still want to see it, go ahead, im just saying there are better things you could do with 10 dollars, like rent 2 movies that are actually good.
  18. Zeus @ Mt. olympus theme park. start it again...
  19. NO! they cant ride coasters. what would happen if i took a jar of water from the atlantic ocean and poured it in the pacific?
  20. never. what is the major difference between canadians and americans besides location
  21. never. what do is the major difference between canadians and americans besides location
  22. "robb is thrilled hes finally thin enough to escape his restraints, he then fell out of the coaster and died..."
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