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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^ I was kidding. Luxor does in fact have diagonal elevators, and they're called "Inclinators." And I did take a ride in one once about ten years ago. It's a different feeling with the combination vertical/sideways movement.


As for random, well, if I put stickers on my car will that protect the paint?



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So I went to go return my three books for Electronic Publishing, Organization & Management, and Psychology...and all I got was 4 bucks back. They had enough Orgy & Man books and they were getting a new edition of the psychology book....so that sucks.



BTW, I found a new Wal*Mart...It's called Wal*Mart CollegeCenter and it's in the 4th floor bathroom of Hart Hall. Look at this wonderful couch I can get for pratically nothing.


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So I'm back in Connecticut, and during the drive down I managed to run over a package of bread rolls. My sister who was driving behind me saw the package explode behind my car when I went over it and she said over the walkie-talkie, "what did you run over?" and I laughed and said, "I RAN OVER BREAD!"


Craiggers "Overall I had a safe drive home and I can not wait to get back to work and visit SFNE" K.

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