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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Yay! after working about 20hr, my News Package Graphics for Digital Imaging is now currently rendering the final product...soo, I got 47 minutes to kill till it finished rendering 2 minutes and 16 seconds of the project.


For this project I worked on a

Mac G5 with Dual 1.8GHZ Processor, 1GB of RAM, and MAC OS X 10.3


Programs Used

Photoshop CS


Adobe After Effects


I am so happy I got my Digital Imaging project done, now all I have to worry about over the weekend is my Orgy & Man (Organization & Management) final which I heard from my friend who took it last class, the questions were common sense questions. So I'm praying that the teacher will have common sense questions for the final.

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Today's saturday...lol...well it is here anyway.

Anyway, a few random notes:

1: Bonkers is going bonkers...in heat!

2: I'm tired due to a 3 mile walkathon I participated in today

3: My brother got scammed by some idoit on Hoverboard...he got board-jacked so he's got his noobie board again. He had a much better one previously.

4: Lastly, I have to finish a Power Point thingy for church , so c ya!

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RatTums is actually doing a lot better!!!


He still has some fur loss but the medicine and our kick ass treatment of him really pulled him through! He's still quite old which is a bummer, but he's back to his normal self again!


Elissa "going to go play with him now!" Alvey

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