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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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February 14th 1998 jim and I woke up at 7am. I gave Jim a valentine card and gift. At 7:30 am Jim had a heart attack and died.


This is Jim's half of a set of two rings we wore. As I always do on valentine day, I will wear Jim's ring today.


This post is not meant to be sad really. It was just the way Jim wanted it to happen and it was very quick.

Jim was very good to me.


Happy Valentine Jim.



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Well this is the say something random thread, but i need to ask. My camera isn't letting me upload pictures. I connect it, then it says "connecting to computer...", then about 5 minutes later it says "connected to computer" and a screen pops up where you are supposed to transfer your pics, but nothing happens. It just says initializing. Then the screen on my camera goes to a yellow/green color. Imagine those rainbow screens that you get sometimes on T.v. when a channel is out, yeah, imagine that in green and yellow on my camera screen. Anybody know what is wrong?

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This is my weird story of the day...


We were driving in San Marcos, which for anybody who doesnt know San Diego County, San Marcos is not the best of areas (Heavily Hispanic with gangs). Ok, so we were driving along and we stopped at a light. We saw some guy jump into the road on the other side of the intersection and he started waving both arms into the air and like 10 people jumpped out of no where and started running down the hill. They were obveously gang members. Then they started chasing a person and they threw a beer bottle at him which could have hit our car if we were a few feet up. The guy that they threw it at ran over to a car with more people probebly the same gang as him. They sped off in the Camero and then we saw some older lady standing on the side walk; we didnt know if they stole her car or what. By this time we had already called 911, but no one answered after like five minutes so we hung up because they were gone.


I now would call 911 useless if you called on a cell phone in California, because the CHP is the one that recieves the call if you call on a cell phone, and the California Highway Patrol is horribly under staffed when it comes to dispatchers I guess. Another example of this is we were driving on the 5 in San Diego and some one that was driving on an overpass hit the side and debris came raining on our then 2-3 day old car. We called 911 in the Sea World area and we got hold of the in the Del Mar Fair area. Which is pretty far apart, over 15 minutes. BTW we didnt stop because our car wasnt too bad, but it did need a new hood, wind sheild and paint on the roof.

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This is freaky. Ok. Open up microsoft Word, or Notepad, or Wordpad. When it is open, change the font to "Wingdings", and change the size to 48. Next, in all caps type Q33 NY. When you type that, the "Q33" will turn into a plane, and the twin towers. And the "NY" will turn into a Skull & Crossbones, and a Star of David. Oh, and By the way, "Q33 NY" is the name of the plane that crashed into the tower.

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