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The Official East Coast Bash 2011 Thread!

Are you interested in East Coast Bash at Hersheypark?  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in East Coast Bash at Hersheypark?

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Is there any possibility of the epic nighttime ERT on lightning racer to be repeated(no I was not there), if so throw me on the bandwagon! I have experienced GCIs during the day(they really aren't spectacular to me) and maybe a night ride ought to do some good.


ERT on sidewinder anyone ,no I am really serious!

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Is there a thread anywhere that says exactly HOW this all works? Logistically? What do people need to do, where do they go, how do you maneuver a huge group of people through the park and on the rides, etc?


~Ignorant but Interested

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^There will be more details released closer to the event in August.


There will be morning and night ERT, along with group meals and maybe some other special stuff. Lots of people will come not knowing anyone and meet up with other likeminded people and have a nice day. Lots of people will also come already knowing some friends and they'll hang out. We aren't joined at the hip throughout the whole day. People break off by themselves or in smaller groups and just have fun.

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I asked and the response was: "If they are tall enough to ride, and will be doing the meals, then they will need an ECB ticket."


I suppose that's fair enough, as it's only $12 more than a junior ticket at the gate, and you get a meal. I don't think I will get one for my 3-year old, as isn't tall enough to ride any of the ERT coasters, nor does he eat $12 in food. But definitely for my 6-year old.

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