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The Official East Coast Bash 2011 Thread!

Are you interested in East Coast Bash at Hersheypark?  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in East Coast Bash at Hersheypark?

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What a great day!! Hard to believe how much I got for $25. I probably drank that much in beer...plus all the ice cream. All of the ERT and tours, and a piece of the SooperDooperLooper train to put in the china cupboard. The tour of Storm Runner's hydraulic launch room was awesome, even if it did mean only getting 2 rides on Lightning Racer. STELLAR DAY!! Thanks Robb and Elissa!!


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Thank you again for all the fun at Hershey Park. This was our first run in with the TPR gang. It will not be our last. We were actually at Knoebel's Saturday night, but we must have been at the opposite end of the park. We also followed you to Dorney. Nice to see it so rainy in Pennsylvania. We stopped at Cedar Point on our way home Tuesday, and it rained there too. Must have been me. Sorry guys.

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Just wanted to show everyone my piece of used Hersheypark history -


And, yes, unlike the other 99.999999999994 percent of people with an non-photographed avatar, I do actually look like it. Huzzah!



Sorry I'm squinty. It was very sunny during the times it wasn't pouring.

EDIT - Maybe I should make a trip report. My buddies and I didn't get any "behind-the-scenes" photos, as we spent most of the afternoon being absolute children in the East Coast Waterworks, so it might not be worth it.

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Thank you Robb, Elissa and Hersheypark for an AMAZING time during the bash! Stacey and I were blown away by everything that was offered from the tours to the ERT to the great food and ice cream. This was an amazing event and anyone who is considering attending one needs to sign up now... it is an experience you wont soon forget!

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Thanks Robb and Elissa! And of course Hershey Park! The Taylor family had a great time and my daughter is officially an enthusiast! Her first coaster with inversions - Farenheit, first Launcher - Storm Runner and her favourite moment at the park? - Night ERT on Lightning racer (the first 30 minutes!) She hasn't stopped talking about it. We had an awesome time and can't wait for our next bash! This event was absolutely amazing!!

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