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The Official East Coast Bash 2011 Thread!

Are you interested in East Coast Bash at Hersheypark?  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in East Coast Bash at Hersheypark?

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Okay, so, I seriously enjoyed myself.


ERT on Fahrenheit was really awesome - until I didn't keep my head forward through the corkscrews and I ended up on an EMS vehicle en route to First Aid then proceeded to be bed-ridden for an hour and a half due to motion sickness.


I'd also like to thank the people at Hersheypark for giving me a hunchback for a few hours - I'd never have thought I'd procure a used running wheel for a log flume by showing Robb my wet pair of smelly socks.


Thirteen times on Lightning Racer - eight on thunder, five on lightning. I don't care what anyone says, Thunder kicks [censored]. It was really cool that when we had full trains, the races were so close and really exciting.


I'm really happy to have been one of the die-hards who made it the whole way.

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12 Total LR rides!!!!! What a way to end an awesome day! Thanx Robb, and all of the staff at HP.


Also it was finally nice to put some faces with the people who post on TPR.


A big shout out to Chris from morning Skyview ride, afternoon Looper rides, and ert on LR, it was nice to meet you.

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I can match faces as well -


I think Cody up there can confirm that I was absolutely manic the whole time I was on Thunder side, hopping from seat to seat, especially the last time when I sat in my usual front-left.


Oh, and by the way, it gave me a chuckle when Robb said he preferred the Thunder side because it was a shorter walk. No shame there.

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Oh, and by the way, it gave me a chuckle when Robb said he preferred the Thunder side because it was a shorter walk. No shame there.


I did finally defect over to the Lightning side for one ride, but Thunder is where my love goes....

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My friends and I had a great time, thank you Robb, Elissa, Hersheypark mgmt and coaster crews and everyone else that made this day special, and thanks to my friend Matt R for the photos!


New to me, Fahrenheit


Twisty indeed.


Your photographer, Matt Ritchote


It's just so beautiful!


I have a train to catch


Morning ERT also included Storm Runner!


One of the tours today was through the massive maintenance facility, here we see a Sooperdooperlooper nose cone


I swear we behaved...


In the sign shop


Overview diagram of the park


They gave us free beer! Best day ever!


I can has a screech owl?


Skunks have long claws. That is all.


After a few beers, I swear I was standing next to a giant candy bar...


After lunch, we went to ride Great Bear which was quite busy


Awesome ride


Great Bear is gonna have a big neighbor next door come next year


As long as no one steals its supports as they drive by them


Despite the rain and thunder, it was still hot, so we basked in the AC vents for a while


Yet another awesome photo from Matt, Lightning Racer

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So, funny story...

I was planning on attending ECB on the way home from a vacation in North Carolina, but certain plans came up in the way. On our drive home, we realized we were way ahead of schedule. So what do we decide to do? Go to Hershey, of course.

It was pretty darn surreal to see you guys around the park and know that I wasn't part of the event.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait till next time.

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An awesome day at Hershey yesterday. Thanks to TPR and the Hershey staff for everything they did. The free Sam Adams at lunch was a very nice bonus. Especially since it led to round 2 of the TPR beer chugging contest. Here's the video. Still too close to tell the winner.


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Hey guys I was attending gate side on Thunder side on Racer last night, thanks for all coming out, and having a blast! Hope to have all of you come back next year! Would also like to say sorry Robb you were too far for a high five

And I was attending on the unloading side for Lightning. It was great to finally meet all and I had just about as much fun as you did. Now I know for sure i want to sign up for one of the events or trips in the near future!

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^Were you the Chris on SDL that afternoon? I had the blue Kennywood shirt on waiting for the back seat!


I love these events because I can put faces to names! Plus, it's great to witness live Steve's beer-chugging capabilities. And it only took my hands a little more than an hour to recover from being human wheelbarrow!

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Fantastic day! Seeing an orange trash can full of free beer is a good thing...but learning it's Sam Adams is a GREAT thing:



Props to the beer-choser!


We had a great day at the park - lots of morning ERT rides, kids rides, water park time (despite the frequent breaks for thunderstorms), and an amazing time at night ERT. My 6-year old LOVED the Lightning Racer races, and we managed to win every single race we were on!


Thanks Robb, Hersheypark, and everyone else who helped put on such a great event!

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Robb and Elissa, thanks for another excellent TPR event--and my thanks to Hershey for being such a great host. The Lightning Races ERT was particularly good, as were the backstage tours.


We even had the excitement of a big thunderstorm! Hard to top that.

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