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  1. Skyrush, last row, left wing seat, arms up the entire time. Can't do it repeatedly, but once in a while for the scare factor it is fun. Great pictures and TR Chuck.
  2. Hey Chuck! Is there going to be a TPR day at Busch Gardens this year? That was one of the best days I've had at a park.
  3. I also would not miss a night ride on Lightning Racer. They have chaser lights on both tracks. Ride the Thunder train to get the best view of the twisted wood layout to the right going up the lift hill. I prefer riding in the back of the train. The laterals on that first drop in the back make it one of my favorite wood coasters. Save Wildcat towards the end of the night or right before a food break. It is a bit of a headache inducer. Don't forget to bring some pain killers.
  4. That back row, left wing seat is quickly becoming my favorite place to ride. I kept my arms up the whole time and just try to anticipate where the ride was going to throw me. I also grayed out a little on the first left bank turn. tighten up the leg muscles a little if you don't want that to happen. I actually like a little gray. Good to hear about the bag drop bins and the possible restraint rework. One of the best rides I've ever been on.
  5. I'd say relocate/modify the ride op control platform. Chances are there is just a small enclosure with a touch screen and some buttons. Not that hard to relocate. Put the stairs in where the current control platform is. Relocate the ride op control panel to a much smaller platform towards the middle of the new unload area, where the doorway is to the train maintenance bay. I wouldn't expect to see any changes for this year though, so just grin and bear it. I do like the idea of the current exit being turned into the single rider line. On a ride like this, where people are going for the choice seating, I think it is almost a necessity. An unload station would require too much work and money, not to mention more operators. My guess is that they will find a way to modify the existing station to load on one side and unload on the other. They did good on the stations for the past 2 Intamins, so I'm not sure what happened this time. I've always found the ride ops at Hershey to be helpful and very sociable. Maybe they just want someone to appreciate them. If they are not filling the cars, I would say that management hasn't conveyed it to them that it is a priority. You have 2 choices. 1) let the people sit where they want and have longer lines. 2) Force them to sit in a seat they don't want to ride in, and then have unhappy customers. Of course the other option is that Hershey will not change anything, but that isn't very likely.
  6. Got my first ride in the new SDL trains this past Wed morning. Very nice I must say. I'll start with the little issues I saw. There is a rattle going up the lift hill, and a serious thud/chain slap when the chain dog releases from the train. That thud was there with the old trains too. It actually shakes the entire station down below. I can't remember it shaking like that before. It was only 1 train operation. There was a crew of 3 to 4 maintenance guys working/inspecting the other train. Not sure what the problem is. Any insider information out there? Now to end on a high note. I rode 2 times in the front seat. The trains are very smooth, after you make it up the lift hill. They feel faster. There were 2 spots where I got a little air that I didn't ever remember feeling on the Looper before. It was very slight, but it was there. There is one spot after you pass through the center of the loop, but before the tunnel. Another is right before you get to the helix at the end. The magnetic mid-couse brakes don't stop you near as much as the old friction brakes did. The helix felt much faster and powerful too. The train is hauling at the end, but the magnetic brakes slow you down fast, but not like the old jerk-to-stop that was at the end previously. Great job Hershey!!
  7. Couldn't agree with you more. A single rider line would help fill in the gaps, but where would they put it in an already cramped station? How could they even change it so that you could exit on the other side of the station. The transfer track for the train maintenance bay is in the way, and the lift hill stairs are to the front. I was talking with a ride op, as I was buckling into my seat (back row, left side, wing seat...most intense ride I've ever had on a coaster), and he said that the single sided station is miserable. Those storage carousels don't work right either...nice idea...just fails on the execution. Great trip report Steve!!
  8. Thanks for the info. Looks like with the magnetic braking there isn't that sudden jerk-to-stop at the end anymore. Good to hear the trains are smooth. I have 2 young girls that love that ride, and that is the one THEY care about, since they aren't big enough to get on Skyrush. SDL is a great starter coaster for young kids. Hershey has a good balance for young and old alike.
  9. Thanks for the info. Looks like they might be having trouble with 2 train operation on SDL.
  10. Does anyone know if the SooperDooperLooper is running more reliably now. When I was there on 5/26 they were having some major issues.
  11. I got 3 rides in on opening day. First ride in the front row center/left seat. That took about 3 hours wait time. Another ride in the back row left wing seat (15 min wait). Last time in the 5th row center/right (30 min wait). This ride has the most insane airtime I have felt next to El Toro. The back row was the best ejector airtime in my opinion. I can usually keep my arms up through an entire ride, but this one had me grabbing the bars. The lift speed is fast, and gives you a good sling-shot over the top. I really hope they keep it running they way it is currently. The first drop and transition into the first airtime hill is one of the best first drops I've been on. The fountains in the water below are a nice touch. I agree with the complaints about the station layout and the rotating bins. Give Hershey some time and they will figure it out. There are always issues with new rides. My friend and I left the park after our first Skyrush ride to go to the Parkside and grab some fried food and a pitcher of beer. When we got back, there was hardly any line in the que. We might have waited 15 minutes for a back row seat. Maybe getting in line as soon as the park opened wasn't the best game plan for getting on this ride. Robb, will TPR have a meet up for the Hershey locals to join in on this years hotness trip to Hershey? Lady Gaga's uglier, younger brother sure hopes so . This one should be on your must ride list this year.
  12. I'm planning on getting there about 9, grabbing some of those "jump the line" passes for $50, and going directly to SkyRush once the park opens. I only paid $30 for tickets (got a deal!), so paying the extra $50 will be worth it on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in my mind. I'm really hoping that it's not going to be a mad house, but yet again, I usually hope for something that doesn't actually happen. Only 3 days until I will be ! I would double check that Skyrush is on that $50 pass. The pass is only for certain rides. Ask before buying. I'm pretty sure we'll be skipping HP on Saturday entirely. I'm pretty sure that Skyrush doesn't open until Saturday.
  13. Sounds like Mowgli needs a girl cub I'll be there Saturday. Hoping to get a couple rides in on the SDL too, with the new cars.
  14. Who says one man can't change the world? Loved Lochness Monster ever since that first drop towards the Rhine. 'Well done, good and faithful servant!"
  15. My heart goes out to those involved with the cleanup of this disaster. I applaud Hersheypark for being so forthcoming with the information. The following is for all of the people that are spouting off on Hersheypark’s facebook page about the bison dying, and how they should have been saved. Accidents happen. This was record rainfall. How do you plan for something that you have never imagined could happen, or have been through previously? People make mistakes, and I'm sure Zoo America will learn from this tragedy. That is what makes us human. To kick someone while they are down, due to some relative anonymity provided by the internet, is the worst of human behavior. I wish these critical people could keep that in mind. They should ask themselves, would I be saying these same words to the poor person who had to pull the trigger to put the 2nd bison out of its misery? Would I be saying this to the park staff that work so tirelessly to come up with and execute these emergency plans, if I was face to face with them? How would these same people criticizing Hersheypark like it if they were criticized for their personal mistakes?
  16. What a great day!! Hard to believe how much I got for $25. I probably drank that much in beer...plus all the ice cream. All of the ERT and tours, and a piece of the SooperDooperLooper train to put in the china cupboard. The tour of Storm Runner's hydraulic launch room was awesome, even if it did mean only getting 2 rides on Lightning Racer. STELLAR DAY!! Thanks Robb and Elissa!!
  17. Fahrenheit does have a lot of rattle for a new coaster, but I love everything about this coaster...other than the rattle. The vertical lift freaks people out right from the start. And that section of track during the transition into the Norwegian loop looks like it could use a little more bracing. Its got a lot of movement. Many people in line are commenting about the track moving. The bunny hop at the end makes for a nice ending.
  18. I thought the pass under the station was very cool. I think the first ride really floored me because I had no idea where we were going to go. After the first ride I could kind of learn how to ride it. Then when we switched seats and I wound up in row 4, that was what did me in. I think my initial rides in row 7 were the best and least painful. I wish I would have gotten a night ride in, but I had to pick a co-worker up at the airport.
  19. I have had to pop 3 Advil every morning since this past Sunday. At first I thought that I had bruised my ribs, but as it turned out my neck took the worst of the abuse. The top of the thighs were sore too from the "pop". I must say that the Bullet was one of the most intense rides I have ever been on. I just wish that I could have lasted longer. I did make it into the double digits before taking a break. I don't know how you "Bullet Boys" do it. It was great to meet everyone, and having lunch with you all was very fun. It was nice to see such knowlegable youth at this event. It is great to talk geek with your own kind. Luckily we had plenty of time for lunch I went back and rode 1 last time in row 1. It was a little better, but I think the damage was already done to my neck. P.S. - I am the balding red haired guy in the dark green shirt.
  20. This coaster is what I was expecting for 2007. I guess 101 years should be celebrated too. I just wish that the season pass price would be a little lower. No way should it be more then a season pass to Cedar Point.
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